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The Historic Atenas Railway Bridge Falls Victim to Vandalism

Costa Rica News – The Historic Atenas railway has fallen victim to vandalism.

The structure had been declared Costa Rican heritage in 2002. The bridge is located on Route 27 in Concepcion, Atenas.

When traveling towards Caldera, this is a site you can’t miss. There, the train passed over 100 years ago. Several iron pieces of the line that is historical and architectural heritage have been stolen.

It seems apparent that the vandals extracted the fragments in order to sell the metal to a junk yard.

The iron was attached to the structure by strips of wood called sleepers, which were burned by the people responsible in order to detach the metal parts.

The control of the conservation of structures of this type is more complicated than say a building in a busy area.

Because it is isolated and cannot be constantly monitored, it can fall to such destruction.

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