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The Good Servant Orphanage, The Beast of Gevaudan and the Orient Express

Ghosts & the Supernatural – There is a legend in Vallejo, CA that is known as The Good Servant Orphanage. When I learned about this place, I was intrigued. As of 2017, I have now investigated 3 homes that were built on the land that once occupied The Good Servant Orphanage. The 3 homes were extremely haunted. Besides hunting for ghosts, I have also hunted UFOs and monsters. With this article, you will learn about the Beast of Gevaudan. In 1974, I rode on the haunted Orient Express. Find out what haunts this legendary train within this article! Now go ahead and read on…..

Recently, I received an email in which I am asked to investigate The Good Servant Orphanage in Vallejo off Hiddenbrooke Highway. I called the person who emailed me and the person, who I will call Mr. 2 told me that while he was driving past Hiddenbrooke he saw 3 children apparitions. The children apparitions appeared to be deformed. Legend has it that The Good Servant Orphanage was a place of child abuse by the employees of this orphanage. Some of these abused children died of neglect and abuse. Kathy and Tom, two of my investigators went down Hiddenbrooke Highway and found no paranormal activity alongside this roadway. David Mace did some research on this area and discovered that after the orphanage was torn down, a golf course was placed in that area. Later the golf course was gone and now it’s a new development for homes. Therefore, we have no true place to investigate, since there are new homes in this area.

This is what Wikipedia has to say about the Orphanage:
“Never listed in any directories and located at the end of a desolate abandoned road, it remains one of the worst cases of child abuse ever recorded in American history. At the turn of the century, children of the Good Servant Orphanage and Continuation School hailed from all over the world, including the Appalachian Experiment Children. Twelve year old Luther, a third degree burn victim and the reluctant head of the children, leads small groups of his peers as they sneak out at night to find food, completely oblivious to how unforgiving the community can be of those who are “different.” So hideous looking are the small night foragers that the locals soon change the name of the institution from its given moniker, “Good Servant Orphanage” (referring to Christ) to “Good Serpent Orphanage” (referring to the Devil). A deliberately set fire puts a violent end, once and for all, to the sufferings and horrors that were perpetuated upon the young innocents whom society abandoned to the custody of a wicked headmaster, one who posed as a benevolent Christian minister but, in truth, was the very opposite of that — a malevolent Satanist; an evil man who, unfortunately, had the backing of the U.S. government in a twisted quid pro quo.

This historically accurate novel serves to explain much of the paranormal occurrences in the Vallejo area. To this day, the violent young souls of the Good Serpent Orphanage are often seen in the area of the old Borges Ranch, terrorizing anyone unfortunate enough to cross their paths after dark, making it one of the most haunted locales in northern California.

The exact location of this place is unknown but is in the Vallejo, Ca area.”

Since there is no true place for us to investigate, this case is closed. Unless occupants of homes built in this area were to invite us to their home to investigate. Special Note: As of 2017, I investigated 3 homes that were built on the site and a Vallejo resident discovered the exact location of the Orphanage.

Another email I received came in, that read in part:

“To Mr. Paul Dale Roberts, American Monster Hunter:

Hi my name is Etienne and I live in Angers. Along the river, I saw a ferocious beast. It was big and gray. It looked like a wolf. My friend and I started throwing big rocks at this beast. I have never seen anything like it. We were very scared. I know you hunt Bigfoot in Mount Shasta, you are a monster hunter too. What do you think this might be? Do you ever come to France? When we throw the rocks, the beast run away. My heart thumped like crazy. Etienne”

In my communication back to Etienne, I did some researching. In 1693 at Benais, there were 100 victims to a predatory beast. That beast became known as the Beast of Gevaudan. Witnesses claimed that the Beast was either a half dog and half wolf or a pure bred wolf. The attacks by this beast were so horrific and ghastly, that some witnesses fainted at the scene. The Beast was known to rip out the throat of its victims. The Beast was seen around the Margeride Mountains. During 1764 through 1767, Southern France was terrorized by this Beast. More attacks happened during 1809 to 1813 in Vivarais, then 1876 to 1879 in L’Indre. The attacks lasted all the way up to 1954.

The Beast of Gevaudan has not been heard of since. But, what you are telling me Etienne is that either the Beast is back, or what you saw was just a very vicious dog. I think you most likely saw a vicious dog and not the Beast. I am not sure from the reports of the Beast, if rocks would have scared it away. The Beast is a fierce cryptid and since it is so aggressive, I can’t imagine this Beast fearing too many things, especially your rock throwing. As guns became more prominent in France, I believe this monster was hunted out of existence.

I don’t think you have much to worry about Etienne. Since we are an international paranormal investigative agency, we will keep your email in our records. If more reports unfold, perhaps we will attempt to get over to France to investigate. If you walk by the river again, bring a camera with you, in case you see this creature again. Do not attempt to capture this animal, it may be detrimental to your safety. You asked if I have ever been to France. I have been to Paris and Versailles. I have relatives with the surname of Valtille and Bossu that live in Lille. Good luck Etienne and be safe.

There are hauntings at homes, castles, forests, etc. But sometimes, you have hauntings on mobile transportations, such as trains. The Orient Express is a good example of that, read on:

The Orient Express is a legendary long distance international passenger train railway service that ran from 1883 to 2009 and was operated by the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits. Even though it is discontinued, the Venice-Simplon Orient Express train service continues to run to this present day. In 1974, I was in Paris, France and visited the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Versailles, Napoleon Bonaparte’s Tomb and the Triumphal Arch. I also made sure I rode on the Orient Express, that traveled from Paris, France to Istanbul, Turkey. Even though I was on the Orient Express for a short time, it was an honor to be on such a legendary train. The reason why this legendary train service is called the Orient Express is because Turkey is considered as part of the Orient, so therefore the train that went from Paris to Istanbul was given the name the Orient Express. Your greatest literature, movies and TV shows talk about famous icons and dignitaries from Dracula to Hercule Poirot to James Bond to Sir Harry Paget Flashman to the 102 Dalmatians have been on the Orient Express.

Wait a minute, there are more famous icons and dignitaries, such as Phileas Fogg, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Maxwell Smart, Danger Mouse and even Doctor Who assisted this famous train. The memory of the original Orient Express will always live on.

I received a report from Michael Jayson Hodges. Michael is 72 years old and tells me his experience on the Orient Express. Here is his email: “Paul, I am not sure if you about the Orient Express, it may be before your time, but during my days in the Army, I rode on the Orient Express, it’s a memory that will be with me for a long time. It was 1967 and I was enjoying a bit of R&R and my German girlfriend Hilda took me on this adventurous train ride. As we went through Budapest, I was looking out the window. It must have been about 1400 Hours, sometime in mid-August. There were a few Cumulus clouds in the sky. I noticed that one of these fluffy clouds seemed to be tremendous in size and it seemed to rotate. I told Hilda about it. I told her: “Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Is that cloud rotating?” Hilda looked at it and confirmed that it seemed that the cloud was rotating. We kept our eye on the cloud and then all of a sudden about 15 tiny golden spheres shot out of the cloud and were going in all different directions. It happened so fast, when the spheres shot out, they were out of eye shot in a matter of 3 seconds, if you weren’t watching the cloud, you would have never seen this crazy sky show. I have never seen anything like this in my whole life. Have you ever heard of reports of a rotating cloud and spheres coming out of the cloud?” Michael.

Paul’s Thought on this Sighting: I believe the rotating cloud was the camouflaged mist that a mother ship will place around it, so observers on the ground will see it as a cloud and not in its true form – a mother ship. The spheres shooting from the cloud, were discharging from the mother ship. This is my theory of the sighting that Michael had.

Now, back to the Orient Express, before I close this article, I remember when I was on this legendary train, a couple told me that the Orient Express was haunted by a little blonde haired girl, nicknamed Strasbourg Gelbes Haar which means: Strasbourg Yellow Hair. Supposingly, a little blonde haired girl in 1903 fell from the moving train in Strasbourg. She wanted to feel the wind and instead fell to her death from this moving train. Some passengers reported seeing the little blonde girl ghost in the restrooms and it would scare them to death. The Strasbourg Gelbes Haar haunted the train for about 5 years. A gypsy woman cleansed the train and the phantom disappeared forever or went into the light.

Paul Dale Roberts
Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International.!/groups/HPIinternational/

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