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The First Costa Rican Satellite

Costa Rica News – Students from the Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica and researchers programmed and verified their first satellite and made a demonstration on Thursday of how the apparatus will work. It’s the first Tico satellite.

The satellite is known as CubsSat 1U.

It’s small, light and low cost. The demonstration took place yesterday at the Laboratory of Space Systems in Cartago.

The initiative is backed by the Central American Association of Aeronautics and Space and supported by 800 Ticos who donated money.

This device will aim to monitor climate change through the measurement of levels of carbon fixation.

This will happen with the help of trees located in the regional headquarters in San Carlos.

The project involved students from many disciplines, bringing a wealth of knowledge. There is now just a month or so left until the satellite is finished.

It’s mission will last six months, in orbit of the ISS.

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