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The Ex-Husband Yard Sale

Well the term yard sale has been taken to a entirely new level when it comes to a USA woman that recently got divorced. A public display of anger over love gone wrong — or a celebration over a marriage ended — caused traffic delays. She has taken a cathartic approach to the end of her marriage and removed every reminder of her ex-husband from her home.

Unfortunately for him, she then simply dumped the possessions in the front yard of their split level house next to a spray-painted sign which read ‘free’ and ‘x-husband sale’.

And if the source of her rage wasn’t at first clear, the woman from Superior, Wisconsin also flattened the tires of his GMC Yukon SUV and sprayed the word ‘cheater’ on the side.

Neighbors told the Duluth News Tribune that the couple’s divorce was finalised this week after the wife filed last July. Records showed they had been married since 1997

Drivers have been slowing down to take a look at the chaotic scene – causing enough of a disruption that local police were forced to tow the SUV.

However Superior Police Sgt. William Lear pointed out that they were not concerned with the woman’s spray painting.

He said: ‘If it’s a running vehicle and someone wants to paint their own car, they can do it.’

‘It looked like they had a painting party,’ an unnamed neighbor told the Duluth News Tribune, adding several people joined the new divorcee for the festivities.

‘She cleaned out her husband’s stuff.’



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