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The Drunkest People of All Time (Video)

Funny Videos – Sometimes people get drunk and get caught on camera, These were the funniest videos that we could find to share with our readers, Enjoy these hilarious videos….they are even funnier when watching drunk.

1. The Guy who Invented a new way of Using the Stairs:


2. Or the Man Who Found a way to Never use the Stairs Again:

the man who found a way to never use the stairs again

3. The Worst Santa Claus Ever:

Worst Santa

4. The Future (Let’s Say 2017) Limbo Champ:


5. The Man Who will have a Personal Vendetta Against Doors for the Rest of his Life:


6. This Lady, Who is Also the Greatest Thing that has ever Happened to Local News:


7. The Man Who set the Record for Fastest DUI Test Fail of all Time:

8. The Young Lady who Forgot that the Goal is Actually to go UPSTAIRS, not OVERSTAIRS:


9. The Man who Thinks he’s a Monorail:

10. The Man Whose Attempts to Bring Roof Surfing into the Mainstream:

11 & 12. The Two Newest Members of the Society For People Against Escalators:


13. The Lady That will Never sit the Same Way Again:

14. Drunkest Guy Needs More Beer

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