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The Diquís Hydroelectric Project & The Costa Rica Energy Crisis

Costa Rica News – Every story has two sides, and when both are valid, what to do about it becomes an issue. The country is facing an energy emergency that we’ve all noticed reflected on our monthly bills. Running out of energy affects all families and businesses.

The Diquís Hydroelectric ProjectThe debate comes about because a new energy source must be developed somehow, and one of the major options for this is the hydroelectric mega project Diquís.

This has the potential to be ready in 3 years and generate 650 megawatts. The problem is that this would use land that belongs to the indigenous peoples of Costa Rica.

President Solis preferred not to share his personal opinion about the issue and plans to let the appropriate institutions discuss it. He only stated that “The Government wants to ensure energy supply security, clean energy…The Diquís is a very important part in that debate. You do not want to run out of energy.”

The verdict of the debate rests on a required consultation with the indigenous people to see if they would agree to allow 915 acres of their land to be flooded for the dam on the Térraba River basin. These conversations could take years.

There are other considerations, as well, such as that the project would have an environmental impact on the Sierpe national wetlands.

Other options on the table include to join Venezuelan Petrocaribe or make a joint refinery with China.

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