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The Development of the CR Businesswoman

Costa Rica News – In a society such as Costa Rica where machismo rules, it is very hard for many woman to get ahead. In my opinion the women in the Costa Rican society are harder workers, more ethical, and are truly the glue that holds the society together.  I am sure Costa Rican men will try to debate that last statement while inside their mind knowing it is true.  Well this applies to many women not all…..Laura Chinchilla not an example of a woman that is gluing the Costa Rica society together….PS do not expect another female president in Costa Rica for a very long time.

Hispanic Latina Woman or BusinesswomanWomen must might each and every day to make it in Costa Rica and it is why I admire the women that have made it. I know they have been knocked down many times but they kept fighting.

The following program put together by Banco Popular helps women achieve success.

The Creating a Businesswomen program has led to the skilled professional training for four hundred women since mid 2012 and will certainly keep on functioning in 2014, the Banco Popular of Costa Rica validated Wednesday.

Based on the press release, the financial institution has the financing required to carry on with with that program the following year as well as supply business development services and also credits with regard to businesses owned and operated by women.

The females who completed the program of 15 courses beginning in 2012 learned all about legal procedures, self-esteem management, brand design as well as other crucial issues that are needed to be understood in order to run a business effectively.

The first part of the business training, which concluded with the creation of an effective business plan, educated them with regards to the exploration of marketplace potential, business organization, as well as various other practices.

The venture had been put in place using an investment from the Special Fund for Funding Micro, Small and Medium-sized businesses in Costa Rica, the Banco Popular pointed out.

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