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The Deterioration of Costa Rica’s National Stadium

Costa Rica News – When Costa Rica receives “gifts” from other nations it is like giving presents to a spoiled child. They will play with them for a few days and then you will find them after a week under the bed and broken.

costa-rica-national-stadiumLook at the Friendship Bridge from Taiwan and how it has fallen into ruin and the same goes for the national stadium.  Debris on the roof caught on fire during the Central American Games and now they have to spend money on redoing the track.  These are things that should be done on a daily basis but remember we are dealing with a spoiled child.

Repairs must be done at the National Stadium before it can become certified, something which is necessary in order to host the Athletic Championship of North America, Central America and the Caribbean. which will be from August 7-9.

There are certain requirements set by the institutions involved. The repairs will cost 26 million colones. The entire track must be repainted red so that the white lane lines can be redone five centimeters thick instead of the three that they were.

Additionally, some surfaces will be repaired from signs of being worn out. A drainage hole in the pole vault pit must be made smaller to remove the risk of a pole getting caught in it.

Sand must be added to the long jump pit to make it thicker. The entire area must be cleaned because of volcanic ash. The repair work should take 15 days and then the certification will take another two weeks.


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