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The Demon Amy Manifests in Farrah

Ghosts & the Paranormal – Pets affected and act strangely; occupant’s hair pulled, she has been bitten, scratched. She beliefs the entity followed her from Wisconsin.

demon in womanShe has been told that someone was killed in her home and buried in the backyard; her back gets rubbed by the entity; her daughter became possessed, black crow shows up in the living room; smell of rotten eggs resonates through the house; pets that they have owned have died suddenly.

Maria Davis’ daughter Farrah became possessed with an entity that identifies itself as ‘Amy’. Farrah is a quiet subdued young lady, but when the entity that calls itself Amy takes control of her mind, body and soul, her whole personality changes and she becomes somewhat aggressive. On this night, I will conduct a Roman Catholic house blessing and a Baptist full submersion baptism on Farah. When Farrah becomes possessed her eyes become coal black and all of the white in her eyes are gone.

When I conducted a blessing of the house, one of the dogs gave a blood curdling howl that shook up all of the investigators. When I was preparing the baptism of Farah and held the cross on top of her head, a blue light shown on her head. This could be seen with 3 cameras. Deanna, Rod and Matt could see the blue light on top of her head, during the time she was shaking. Farrah was shaking because the entity named Amy was trying to control her mind, body and soul. As I touched Farah on her shoulders, I felt an electrical surge go through my hands and arms.

Strange things started happening in this home instantly. Rod and Deanna that seem to have a psychic connection together, started to feel odd happenings in the back bedroom, which is considered one of the hotspots of the home. Rod felt a tugging on his eye, Deanna felt a strong presence, a heaviness in the room. Matt, who may be a sensitive felt a presence in the living room at some point of time. Deanna was pumped up for this investigation after she drank her Talon Blood Punch. Deanna continuing to do her walk through with Rodney felt chills go up and down her body.

Rodney felt various sensations on his body and was acquiring the same chills as Deanna. Deanna also felt protection in various areas of the house, where there were crosses placed. There were 3 crosses placed on the backyard fence. Maria tells a frightening story as she talks about Farrah being possessed and talking in foreign tongues. She mentions how Farrah goes into seizures during the possession. When Farrah had mind splitting headaches, they took her to the hospital and MRI scans showed nothing unusual. Maria could not understand how Farah, a quiet reserved young lady could transform to a more aggressive Amy. This Amy is ‘loud and in your face’.


While no EVPs were captured, we did have some unusual personal experiences as mentioned above. Matt saw 2 crystal orbs with the naked eye. I felt the electrical surge go from my hands to my arms. While I held the cross on top of Farrah’s head, an orb appeared on her hand. Deanna and Rod felt chills at the very same time. Strange blue lights were seen after the baptism and house blessing by other investigators. Some recorders were left recording, so with later analysis we may have captured some EVPs, so look for a follow-up on this. Another interesting note is that one of Maria’s daughters drew what she saw. In one drawing it resembles the fictional Slender Man or could it be a shadow person?

In another drawing, it looks like the entity known as The Jester, but Maria says that it’s actually a drawing of her, with a shadowy creature behind her.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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