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The Costa Rican Film “The Happiest Place on Earth” Has It’s Trialer

Costa Rica Entertainment – The film “The Happiest Place on Earth” is about, you guessed it, Costa Rica.

ellugarmasfelizdelmundoIt brings together some of the best and most popular comedians and actors from the country to give us an unforgettable show.

The movie stars Alex Acosta playing the part of Juanca. Following a dramatic moment of life, Juanca begins to search out a way to see life from a different point of view.

He meets a group of failed comedians and the fun starts. They take a journey together to find the true meaning of happiness.

The actors in this movie include María Torres, Marcia Saborío, Carlos el Porcionzón Ramos, Carlos Álvarez, Bismark Méndez and Giovanni Linares. One of the most well known is Jorge Herrera from “Ugly Betty.”

The film will premiere on November 12th. Mark your calendars because it’s one not to miss!


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