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The Catholic Church & Marriage Annulment in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Between 2013 and 2014, the Ecclesiastical Tribunal of the Catholic Church in Costa Rica annulled a total of 133 marriages, according to the organization’s report entitled, “Annulment of Marriages.”

marriage annulment costa ricaThere are many more people, 524 couples, looking to annul their marriages but they’ll have to be patient.

The process can take up to eight years, due to the fact that there are not enough staff.

The most common causes for wanting to void a marriage include infidelity, concealment of debts and immaturity.

A failed marriage does not guarantee an annulment.

There must be grounds that occurred before the union that the spouse didn’t know about.

Those hoping for an annulment must fill out a questionnaire with details about the relationship before and after the wedding.

Evidence and testimonies may be considered. If something was hidden from the beginning, an annulment should be granted.


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