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The Catholic Church Involvement in CR Politics

Costa Rica News – The ultimate hypocrisy, religion and ethics mixing with politics.  It does not matter if it is in Costa Rica or in the USA politicians are not known as ethical people although they will portray that false image to the public.  Unless you are completely blind you will see right through the facade.

The Catholic Church is “God” to most people in the country. It’s directives are highly regarded and followed religiously. the catholic church costa ricaThey recently released a document titled, “Rehabilitate Politics,” that intends to be a moral guide for voting in the presidential election this February.

The bishops of Costa Rica came together to address issues, like protection of the family, ecological concerns, and social issues. They were assisted by popes Francisco and John Paul ll. The Episcopal Conference said that the issues needing to be discussed in depth include, health, education, family, work, and security. Some of their recommendations include:

  • They encouraged the faithful believers to defend life from the moment of conception, in regards to IVF and therapeutic abortion.

  • Regarding the environment, they challenge everyone to protect and value the “collective good.”

  • They also acknowledged and condemned the “trivialization of speech and political activity” that has become the normal practice in democratic Costa Rica.

While I think that trying to push their own agenda and to get some ethics in the Costa Rican government system is and should be a part of the democratic process in Costa Rica, it unfortunately is not going to have any effect on anything.

Here is my political recommendations for CR and the rest of the world with democratic systems:

1. Accountability – If you get caught lying or acting unethical you are held accountable for your actions.  You are immediately fired after being found guilty. You do not get to be involved with politics anymore. You are punished according to your crime.

2. Who’s Best Interest – You always look for the best interest of the population of your country not what special interest group or corporation is stuffing your pocket with money.

3. Complete and Total Financial Transparency – All members of the population of countries are required to open their books to show exactly how much money they owe the government in taxes. Well lets open up the books for the governments.  Show we that you are competent in spending my tax dollars and where these huge multi-million dollar loans are actually being spent.

Doing those things should bot be that big a step, you would think,but that would require the great an powerful Oz to reveal himself from behind the curtain.

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