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The Beatle Bar in Jaco Beach; No Longer a Costa Rica Bachelor Party Destination

Costa Rica Bachelor Party – If you have been to Costa Rica or someone planning to travel to this tropical paradise for some “me” time or to celebrate a Costa Rica Bachleor Party, then you most likely have been to or have heard about the Beatle Bar. It is located on the main street of Jaco and is about 100 meters north of the Monkey Bar; it had an infamous reputation of being one of the most nefarious joints in all of Costa Rica  but you might be surprised as to what it has become today.

The Beatle Bar has gone from a “gentlemen’s club” for those looking to have some hot time with a discrete company who is a little cheaper than other gorgeous Latinas from other joints to a lively open air bar.

A few years ago before the Beatle Bar was renovated, Beatle Bar looked like a run-down establishment with a gloomy ambiance and felt a little bit unkempt. But instead of detracting, its feel and appearance actually added to its appeal. This could be because men knew that their wives, girlfriends or reputable friends would never go to a dingy den. The bar was centrally located and girls of different shapes, sizes, appeal and loveliness line the walls and wait to be selected by a willing newcomer or a regular customer. Some of these girls are more proactive than the others and go talk to the incoming patrons or small talk someone who is mulling alone at the bar and try to convince those more-than-inclined gentlemen to ‘pay for play’.

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the beatle bar jaco costa ricaFortunately or unfortunately, depending if you are coming down to Costa Rica for a Costa Rica bachelor party or a family vacation, the business started to flounder and eventually went under almost two years ago. The girls realized that they can find better business and increase their chances of finding their men for the night elsewhere. They started frequenting joints like The Hotel Cocal and other clubs in Jaco. Thanks to the Internet and smart phones, the working girls have come to rely on text messages from other prostitutes to know where they can find a better catch and where the Costa Rica bachelor party groups with money are hanging out.

The Beatle Bar management tried to save the business by implementing methods to revive the failing business and generate more revenues; cover charges were enforced and drink prices were increased. Instead of helping the business, the changes implemented actually drove away clients and the bar had to hut down and rethink its mode of business.

The girls who used to grace the Beatle Bar then moved to other joints like the Hotel Cocal where there were more men and this meant more cash in their pockets. Presently the Cocal hosts about 80-100 girls per night and almost double that on the weekends when the girls from San Jose and the Hotel Del Rey make the trip out to Jaco. The Hotel Cocal has gained a reputation as one of the best places in Costa Rica to find a prostitute. I

In any case, if you are wondering what has become of The Beatle Bar, it has reopened its doors after renovation but it has changed its image as being one of the top hooker bars in Costa Rica to a nice open air bar for a drink or to enjoy live music.

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