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The Band Mana Coming to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – While I lived in Mexico, I became very familiar with the group Mana.  There music helped me both learn Spanish better and the lyrics of their songs taught me a little bit about love.  

I was told they were mainstream and everyone knew who they were and I should try to listen to other groups.  There is a reason everyone knows who they are……it is because they are pretty darn incredible.  Listen to the song Bendita Tu Luz and read the lyrics at the bottom of this page.

This afternoon, the Mexican band Mana said it would take a breakfrom its  tour Drama y Luz, and appear in the Villa del Mar Festival, which will take place from February 24 to March 1.

mana costa ricaBefore the announcement, some fans worried about the if the concert that was planned to be held in Costa Rica on March 6 at the Estadio Ricardo Saprissa would actually occir, but Evenpro, theconcert promoter confirmed they will be playing.

“I do not know the details, but I can say that Maná concert in Costa Rica is guaranteed. We all signed contracts, “said Andrew Guanipa, Evenpro CEO.

Finally a concert I am excited about going to!

Your Blessed Light (Bendita Tu Luz)

The blessed place and the reason to be there
Blessed coincidence.
The blessed clock that put us precisely there
Your presence is blessed
Praise God for meeting each other on the way
And taking me out of this loneliness from my destiny

The blessed light
The blessed light from your look
The blessed light
The blessed light from your look
From the soul

Blessed eyes that were avoiding me
Simulating disdain that was unknown to me
And suddenly you hold the look.
Praise God for finding each other on the way
And taking me out of this loneliness from my destiny


Divine glory of this luck
From the good aim.
Of finding you just there
In the middle of the road.
Glory to heaven to find you now
Taking away my loneliness
And to coincide with my destiny
With the same destiny
Let’s go


Blessed look, oh
Blessed look from the soul
Your look, oh oh,
Blessed, blessed,
Blessed look,
Your blessed soul and blessed light
Your look, oh oh
Oh, oh, I tell you it’s so blessed
Your light love.
And your look oh,oh
The blessed clock and the blessed place
Your blessed kisses close to the sea
And your look, oh, oh.
Love, love what a blessed look
Your look love.

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