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The Answer to the Recovery of the IT Sector in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – With the departure of Intel and Bank of America jobs out of Costa Rica, it struck a blow to the IT industry in the country that it needed to address immediately.  Camtic the local IT and telecommunication organization in Costa Rica has helped put together a bill that hopes to steady the ship.

IT-jobs costa ricaCosta Rica’s new real estate assurances bill could broaden funding alternatives for small and mid-sized businesses, as outlined by local IT and telecom organization Camtic.

Costa Rica’s 18,709 bill acknowledges intellectual property as being an asset for which organizations are able to use to try to get loans from banks. It has been approved through the legislative assembly in an initial debate that happened on April 24th, but must still be approved during the  new legislative session that starts on May 8th.

“Its endorsement within a 2nd debate will give the knowledge sector and the Costa Rican intellectual property development industry new guarantees to gain access to financing, and thus brand new development and growth opportunities when it comes to nation’s economy,” stated Camtic’s executive vice president.

Although this might not be the complete solution to the problem it is  step in the right direction to make the Costa Rica IT sector self sufficient.

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