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The Aftermath of the Teacher Strike in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The National Treasury from the Ministry of Finance is to submit a report on Friday regarding the wage deductions that have affected the teachers, who receive salaries (or, are supposed to receive salaries) by the Integra 2 payment system.

costa rica teacher strike 1In the settlement regarding the teachers union strike ending and the schools reopening, all teachers were to give in notice of the money they were missing. Yesterday, a committee made up of the Ministry of Public Education, National Teachers Union and the Catholic Church agreed that the report should be made by Friday.

The committee must also look over all of the forms submitted by teachers and evaluate the success of payment methods applied after the 21 school day strike came to an end. It’s hard to believe that they are still trying to figure out which teachers haven’t been paid and where the problems are. What a mess!

The Union is still saying that there are salaries that haven’t been deposited in the full amounts. They also say that there is abuse of teachers in rural areas, especially Perez Zeledon.

Due to the Union’s complaints, the MEP is also requesting documentation that details each case of rural teachers with problems.

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