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The Ability to Grow Marijuana in Your Home in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – A new type of march occurred yesterday, one that promoted the idea of plantation of marijuana in homes as well as the medical use of marijuana.

Marijuana growing costa rica 130 people participated in the march.

While some laughed, others approved. The aim of the group was to educate the public about the reported low risks of marijuana when compared to other drugs and even alcohol.

Some people attended the march even though they don’t use. That’s because they have family with medical issues that have been greatly helped by using medicinal marijuana for bone problems, heart problems and arthritis.

There is a movement that seeks to improve the bill Research, Regulation and Control of Cannabis and Hemp Plants.

The text they want included states that planting up to four types of cannabis plants for personal use is permitted. There is also a proposal that farmers provide some to the CCSS to distribute it for various ailments.

We know that none of these things will happen in the near future in Costa Rica, but always worth asking. 

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