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Terrible Representation of Costa Rica; Melissa Mora & Banton Perform At Billboard Awards (Video)

Costa Rica Entertainment –  Without the auto tuner you can see the real talent of artists and with Mora it leaves a lot to be desired.  The only reason I can see people listening to her is if they find her attractive.  With the comments I have seen on video and articles about her, many in Costa Rica feel the same.

Melissa-Mora-Banton-present at billboard awardsHundreds of people danced along with Melissa Mora and Banton singing Bam Bam and other hits at 1 a.m. Tuesday at the Latin Billboard Awards. The private conference was the beginning of a huge event culminating with gala awards.

The duo was widely accepted. They later shared their experience, explaining that they were quite satisfied with the reaction of the group gathered at the Ritz Carlton South Beach.

Their slot was moved from 11pm to 1am so some of the crowd had left by then. There were still a ton of producers, record labels and international media reps there to watch them, however.

Melissa Mora reports being comfortable and just enjoying the time. The energy was contagious, she explained. Afterwards, both artists were contacted by producers. Melissa may record a song and video with the Cuban musician Jay Maly.

So I guess some people think that she has talent.

Watch the video below and make up your own opinion.

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