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“Temazcal”; Costa Rica Meditation With the 4 Elements

Costa Rica Travel News – The four elements- water, earth, air, and fire- and meditation combine to form the “Temazcal” technique used to purify the body. This healing ritual includes a steam body bath designed to kill diseased cells and rid one of toxins.

Temazcal casa de piedra 1Many people believe this also brings spiritual healing. A study was done at the Indigenous Autonomous University of Mexico to prove that steam baths work as therapy. Alternative medicine and medicinal plants have also become more popular recently.

Loredana Protti represents La Casa de Piedra, in Escazu, where they perform this ritual to balance the mind, body, and soul. The first step is to go in with an open mind, she explains.

The process includes a four hour long bath with aromatic and medicinal plants and hot stones. The stones reach a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Protti says, “This is like a sauna bath, the difference is that there is devotion (which adds a) spiritual side.” The price is just $30 per person.


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