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Tauck Expands BBC Earth Journeys into Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel News – Tauck, the Norwalk, Conn.-based tour operator, transformed its three Costa Rica tours to fit them into its series of BBC Earth tie-in programs.

costa rica rainforestThe programs have been expanded with the inclusion of content from BBC Earth, a creator of nature documentaries and the owner of what it claims is the largest cache of nature film footage in the world.

The Tauck-BBC Earth Costa Rica product line now includes three tours: the eight-day Costa Rica Adventure, the eight-day Costa Rica: Jungles and Rainforests Tauck Bridges family trip, and the 11-day Panama Canal and Costa Rica land/cruise journey.

Next year Tauck will begin incorporating short films from BBC Earth made exclusively for Tauck into the programs. The films will be of 10-20 minutes duration and will incorporate nature footage from BBC Earth as well as interviews and input from BBC Earth nature experts.

The tours will also incorporate technology, toys and tools to enhance the appreciation of nature, such as motion-activated camera traps, infrared night-vision cameras, long-range directional microphones, underwater cameras and tiny fiber-optic endoscopic cameras.

Tauck also offers BBC Earth Journeys in Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America and Antarctica.

Tauck now offers six BBC Earth Journeys for Africa, including South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania and Kenya; one in Manitoba, one in Antarctica, four that visit the Galapagos Islands, including one in combination with Peru; six that are Tauck Bridges family programs; and programs in Alaska, India and Nepal.

Tauck announced its partnership with BBC in 2013. It was Tauck’s second partnership with a film company, the first being its partnership with filmmaker Ken Burn on a number of tours and events based on Burns’ films, such as The Civil War, Jazz and Prohibition. The Burns partnership was established in 2010.

The Tauck-BBC partnership went into effect in 2014 with Tauck incorporating the BBC expert component into several of its currently existing tours in Botswana, South Africa and Zambia; Kenya and Tanzania; Antarctica and Manitoba.

By DAVID COGSWELL, From Travel Pulse

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