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Tales of the Supernatural; Ghost Hunting in Salida

Ghosts & the Supernatural – “My name is Sara Baker, I live in Salida, CA and for many years I have been tormented by ghosts. Back in 2011 and 2012 I had a paranormal team come and get rid of a male spirit that was so angry he would possess me and torment my children. After a cleansing the psychic that came said the spirit moved on.

demon salida california 1Yet after that horrifying event we moved to another home only to experience voices and shadows and things moving and disappearing and strange walking that originates from the ceiling. My middle son would talk to what he said was a man. I then contacted the same paranormal investigators who cleansed the house. Yet things continued. The medium said I was gifted yet honestly I don’t feel I am.

We moved after two years. In the home you could feel the negativity and that took a toll on my marriage and health. We now live in Salida in a two story home. In this home things seems bright and happy until a few months ago when we would start hearing voices and my boys would say they saw a man in their doorway. Plus me and my husband saw our cabinet door open and we have heard loud booms yet no explanation. I have suffered anxiety and pain in the home. My oldest son however who is autistic has taken a turn for the worst, he has lost twenty pounds in a month and half he won’t come live with me anymore so he is staying with my mom. When he was staying with me he would come running and asking if I called him I said “no love”. And then he said he heard voices and would see a man staring at him at night.

After that he started acting violently towards me and my other son and then he suffered from panic attacks and he said he wanted to kill himself. Obviously I took him to the doctor, because I want to find the root of the issue psychologically and well. The doctor gave him a blood test and said he is healthy yet he isn’t healthy he has lost twenty pounds and doesn’t play like he used too. He suffers from panic attacks and went two weeks not eating food. That is why I allowed him to stay at my moms where he isn’t quite better yet he is eating again. Yet, the other day I took him home and he said for me to take him away from this evil place. I laughed and thought maybe he is just over reacting yet when I dropped back at my moms and came back to my house I started making dinner and something tugged at my shirt and you saw my sweater move I turned around to see if it was my other boys getting my attention yet it wasn’t. I proceeded to do what I had to, to make dinner and heard footsteps upstairs and then I got a sharp pain in my arm and stabbing pains in my side.

I have previously felt these pains before yet the doctor said it was normal yet I would only get pain at this house once I leave the home I feel okay.

Last night when my shirt got tugged later that night I heard a loud boom from my kitchen yet nothing was thrown yet then heard footsteps upstairs again. I even checked upstairs to find nothing yet when I entered my sons empty room I got that pain again . And I could feel this feeling of sadness and anger. I am not sure what to do for I am even starting to fear my home. Like there are other occurrences where my middle son said he talked to his dead grandpa and he said he was taking him away that freaked me out for my son is four like who says those things. Look I really need answers I want my son to come home. I can’t live seeing my son suffer like this.

I tried contacting other paranormal teams who helped before yet they haven’t contacted me back. Yet I can’t wait forever I just really need answers and I want my three boys to feel safe.

Researching the Case

It has been sold quite a few times considering it is fairly new. Already see that it is in a environmentally bad area. Also 15 or 16 criminals/sex offenders live within a mile radius despite the lower crime rate. Interesting.

Went on a hunch earlier. Also noted, they live 2 minutes away from where the mass murderer lived on Finney Rd. And 4 minutes away from the massacre site. The Salida Massacre, happened in 90. House built in 93.

Yes. I did more digging. They were part of a 55 member satanic cult. It all began with strange robberies in the fall of ’84. They left calling cards, and written in blood was: “WE’LL BE BACK TO KILL YOU!!!”

And the typical Satanic symbols. They were also involved in drugs.

That area was their compound. I’ve ruled out too old residents so far. One died at the age of 101 in a nursing home.

Next I’ll see if anyone committed suicide out in that house. Built in ’96, sold 5 times. In 2007 it sold for $390,000. In Dec 2014, it sold for a mere $235,000.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior

Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/



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