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Taking a Costa Rica Girl’s Trip; A Woman’s Escape

Costa Rica Travel News – Girl’s trips are an escape from everyday life. It is about getting together and reminiscing past times while making new memories. Groups of girlfriends find that as the years go by, they start moving apart; physically living in different areas and also being in different emotional places. One friend may be traveling the world, another is raising kids, and another is getting married, while yet another deals with the worst breakup ever.

costa rica girls trip costa rica 1What better way to keep the group close than to plan an annual girls trip?

A girl’s trip is a complete getaway. It’s got to be somewhere far enough that no kids, boys, or jobs can get in the way, yet close enough that everyone can make the trip. If it’s a place with beaches, mojitos, and adventures, even better!

A girl’s trip leaves lots of time for chit-chat and catching up while enjoying a nice vacation rental and gorgeous sunsets (bring out the cameras!), but it also has room for the girly pleasures of life, like massages, manicures, and facials. In addition to spa services, the destination is even better if it includes nights out to fabulous restaurants and adventurous day trips too!

The perfect day trip would have activities that the whole group can enjoy together. Leave out the skydiving and the family river float and shoot for medium action so everyone’s happy. Think meditation classes, zip lining, yoga on a paddleboard, and tours through national parks.

While girl’s trips have been around forever, they are becoming more organized and another level that you may want to take your next girl trip is to use the time to help others. My next girl’s trip will include volunteering at an orphanage or a wildlife refuge center.

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