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Take a Walk on Costa Rica’s Bird Watching Trail

Costa Rica Travel – There’s an initiative to link the countries from Guatemala to Costa Rica to Panama so that local communities, guides and birdwatchers benefit.

There are some 1,500 species of birds that cross Central America.

The rich biodiversity has led to an avid tourism market with many companies that now hope to come together to design a route for birdwatchers to see it all, while making their way through the region.

The name of the project is the Central America Birding Trail.

The idea is to take advantage of the fact that there are so many species in a small area that is well connected by many low-cost regional air connections.

Going through the whole route would take three to four weeks and would allow a birdwatcher to add between 600 and 800 species to his personal list.

It’s also a great way to see so many countries.

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