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Costa Rica’s 1st Case of Zika-Associated Syndrome

Costa Rica’s 1st Case of Zika-Associated Syndrome

Costa Rica Health – Most of us out there have hear of the Zika Virus with it hitting the main stream media so much over the past months.  A majority of us know of the birth defects that are supposedly caused by the virus. But what is Zika-Associated syndrome? Click to Get Your Free Guide

Three New Cases of Zika in Pregnant Women in Costa Rica

Costa Rica – Zika is becoming more and more common in Costa Rica with the cases increasing including ones in pregnant women.  But with about 25% of women in Costa Rica pregnant at all times this is not a big surprise. Tweet

Safe-Sex Guidelines to Prevent Zika

Zika Virus News – This might be a little difficult to follow for those planning on heading to Jaco Beach, one of the biggest places in Costa Rica for prostitution.  Multiple bachelor parties come to the area, and I do not think the future wife would except that she could not have sex with her

8 Native Costa Ricans Have Now Been Confirmed to Have Contracted the Zika Virus

Costa Rica Health News -The number of people infected with the Zika virus in Costa Rica has gone up to 8 people, the country’s ministry of health informs. Tweet

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