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ground zero wedding photo

Owner Located for Wedding Photo Found at Ground Zero

Owner Located for Wedding Photo Found at Ground Zero

World News – Every year on Sept. 11, Elizabeth Stringer Keefe has done the same thing: She shares a wedding photo that was discovered at Ground Zero, hoping someone online will be able to identify the people in the picture. This week, 13 years after her quest began, she finally got a response — and

fake college email in china main

Can’t Afford Harvard? Chinese Site Has A Way Around That

World News – If you think that an Ivy League email address could impress friends and colleagues but missed the boat on that prestigious paper diploma, a popular Chinese e-commerce site might be able to help out – for as little as 16 cents. Tweet

huge alligator mississippi

792-Pound Alligator Caught in Mississippi (Video)

World News – Four days into Mississippi’s alligator-hunting season, the state’s record for heaviest reptile caught has been broken twice — most recently with a 792-pounder. The creature, which measured 13 feet and 5 inches, was reeled in Sunday evening. “He was a giant!” said Brian Montgomery, one member of the three-person team that made


Nude Photo Hack Triggers #IfMyPhoneGotHacked (Video)

World News – The apparent hacking that led to the online leak of alleged nude photos of actress Jennifer Lawrence and other female stars triggered a new hashtag among Twitter users who tackled the issue of having private, risqué or incriminating content on one’s cellphone. Tweet

9 year old dies at orgeon beach

9 Year Old Girl Dies While Digging Hole At Beach as Sand Collapses Around Her

World News – Memorials sprouted on an Oregon beach for a 9-year-old girl who police said died when the hole she was digging in the sand collapsed, suffocating her. Tweet

Project Wing google

Google’s Testing Delivery Drones in Australia (Video)

World Technology News - Amazon isn’t the only company hoping to some day deliver goods by drone. Google confirmed Thursday it has been working on a secret initiative, dubbed Project Wing, to develop “a delivery system that uses self-flying vehicles.” Tweet

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