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end of the earth

Earth Could Face Another Mass Extinction in Next 200 Years

Earth Could Face Another Mass Extinction in Next 200 Years

World News – Over the next few centuries, Earth could face a mass extinction on par with the one that killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, according to a new study. Tweet

taliban usa attacks

The Taliban Vows Revenge after Torture Report

World News – Among the critics blasting U.S. policy in the wake of a Senate CIA torture report are the Taliban — the same group that routinely carries out suicide attacks, and just on Thursday claimed responsibility for a bombing at a film screening in Kabul that killed at least four people. Tweet

poland vampires buried pictures main

Mystery of ‘Vampire’ Burials in Poland Is Unearthed

World News – The mystery behind several “vampire” burials in Poland has been solved. People who were buried with sickles (curved, sharp farming knives) around their necks, or rocks at their jaws, to prevent their corpses from reanimating were natives to the area in which they were buried, according to a new study. Tweet

clockwork active media perfect job

Unlimited Vacations, No Set Hours, & Beer at Work; The Perfect Job Exists

World News – I am pretty sure that this business concept would not work that well in Costa Rica.  Of all the benefits packages and perks offered in the corporate world, we were blown away by what we learned about a company in Minnesota. Tweet

cold front usa main

First Winter Storm of the Season Kills Four in Minnesota

World News – At least four people had been killed in crashes on ice-slicked roads in Minnesota, and some parts of the Upper Midwest were buried under two feet of snow Tuesday as an unusually early winder blast socked large parts of the country, authorities said. Tweet

e sports 2

Online Gamblers Want To Start Betting More on Rising E-Sports

World News – Last month, surrounded by around 45,000 fans in a Seoul stadium built for the World Cup, Samsung White put the final dagger into Star Horn Royal Club’s dreams, claiming a championship live on ESPN 3. Tweet

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