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chips and salsa stabbing main

Woman Stabs Boyfriend for Eating Too Much Salsa

Woman Stabs Boyfriend for Eating Too Much Salsa

World News – Remind me to avoid dating this woman.  I love heading to Tex-Mex restaurants in Houston and enjoying that before meal chips and salsa.  I might even get full on it and have to take my fajitas home…….but if I was dating this woman I would definitely order extra. Tweet

hookers and blow

Hookers & Blow; DEA Agents Partying With the Cartels

World News – Drug Enforcement Administration agents stationed overseas held sex parties with prostitutes hired by local drug cartels — the very people the agency was supposed to be investigating — according to a report released Thursday by the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General. Tweet

Gardell Martin drowning main

Drowning Boy Survives Having Heart Stop for 30 Minutes

World News – Little Gardell Martin, the toddler whose heart had stopped for nearly half an hour while he was submerged in an icy Pennsylvania creek, is back home running around and playing as if nothing happened. His mom is sure that God had a hand in the boy’s recovery. Tweet

Exclusively for White People stickers main

‘Exclusively for White People’ Stickers (Video)

World News – Let’s see how much we the media can make this go viral.  And of course we will have the people that say “oh this is Texas”.  But no matter where it is, it shows ignorance and hate. Tweet

Premera Blue Cross

Premera Blue Cross Hacked; Millions Could Be Affected

World News – Health insurer Premera Blue Cross was the target of a major cyberattack, and personal or health data for as many as 11 million people may have been compromised, the company announced Tuesday. Tweet

Graduates in Cap and Gown

Student Visa Fraud Ring in Los Angeles Taken Down

World News – Federal authorities arrested three Los Angeles area residents Wednesday for allegedly running a multi-million dollar ‘pay to stay’ visa fraud scheme that let foreign nationals stay in the U.S. by “attending” vocational schools without attending classes. Tweet

daylight savings time main

Daylight Savings Time is Not For Everyone

World News – I asked a Costa Rican a week ago why Costa Rica does not have daylight savings time.  He responded, “Why would you want to save daylight?” Americans will lose an hour of sleep on Sunday, due to the start of daylight saving time. They’ll also temporarily fall out of sync with much of

US Ambassador attacked with razor video

US Ambassador Attacked With Razor in South Korea (Video)

Breaking World News – The U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, Mark Lippert, was attacked Thursday morning (local time, late evening ET) in Seoul by an armed assailant, officials said. Tweet

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