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DNC hack claim russia

Russia’s ‘Four-Letter’ Response to DNC Hack Claim

Russia’s ‘Four-Letter’ Response to DNC Hack Claim

World News – Secretary of State John Kerry says he raised the email hack of the Democratic National Committee with Russia’s top diplomat but stopped short of making any allegation about who might be responsible. Tweet

terrorst attack Nice main

Global Tourism Takes Hit After Spike in Terror Attacks

Travel News – When a Tunisian truck driver launched an ISIS-inspired attack on July 14th in Nice on the French Riviera, he didn’t just mow down 84 people, he widened a wound in the global economy. Tweet

Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, from Paramount Pictures and Red Granite Pictures.

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Funded With Stolen Money

World News – It is only appropriate that this news came out based on this movie. The U.S. Justice Department said Wednesday that an economic development fund meant to benefit Malaysia was plundered by its overseers, who bought expensive art, real estate, a jet for themselves and even financed a hit movie, “The Wolf of Wall

twin sisters have babies at same time main

Identical Twins Have Babies On Same Day & At Same Time

World News – The identical twins, who are 35, each gave birth to their first child early Thursday. The babies were born at the same exact time in each sister’s respective time zone — Rodgers gave birth first, welcoming a baby boy at 1:18 a.m., in Denver, Colorado, and Mariuz’s daughter was born at 1:18 a.m.,

donate car for tax credit main

How to Donate a Car for Tax Credit

World News – Donating your car to charity can result in significant tax savings if included in your charitable contribution deduction. However, do a little planning will ensure that maximize tax savings of your donation. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires calculating your deduction in one of two ways, depending on how the charity uses your

tony robbins events hot coals

Walking on Hot Coals Does Not Work For Everyone at Tony Robbins Event

World News – It seems that motivational speaker Tony Robbins cannot protect one’s feet with his words when walking on hot coals. Tweet

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