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Whatsapp used to fight crime main

Whatsapp Used to Fight Terror & Crime?

World News – Phone lines don’t work? The paramilitary force protecting one of the world’s most violent cities has an answer: Call in the troops via chat messenger. Tweet

911 attacks missing pages of report main

The Missing 28 Pages From the 9/11 Inquiry

World News – If members of Congress force the government to release 28 secret pages of a 14-year-old inquiry into 9/11, the missing pages may yield new tidbits about a possible role by some Saudis in aiding the hijackers — but there are thousands of other still-classified documents that would reveal far more about the terror

Estelle Balet snowboarding avalanche

Snowboarding World Champion Estelle Balet Dies in Avalanche

World News – A 21-year-old world champion snowboarder was killed by an avalanche in Switzerland on Tuesday, officials said. Tweet

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