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marco rubio philsophers main

Rubio’s Kind Couldn’t Pay Philosophers Enough

Rubio’s Kind Couldn’t Pay Philosophers Enough

The biggest applause line in last week’s Republican debate was Marco Rubio’s stump speech crack, “welders make more money than philosophers; we need more welders and less philosophers.” Tweet

paris attacks ISIS main

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Paris Attacks…..War Imminent?

World News – French President Francois Hollande vowed a “merciless” response to the deadliest attacks on the country’s soil since World War II as ISIS claimed responsibility Saturday for a coordinated assault on Paris. Tweet

Fanduel fantasy sports main

Fantasy Sports (FanDuel & DraftKings); Get License or Get Out of Nevada

World News – Daily fantasy sports sites have been dealt a setback with Nevada regulators ordering them out of the state unless they get a gambling license — a decision that’s likely to be closely watched by other states that allow gambling. Tweet

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