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cow patty

Cow Poop is Selling Quickly Online in India

Cow Poop is Selling Quickly Online in India

World News – Got a few cows in your backyard? Do they poop alot? If you can figure out a way you could sell that for money in India. Tweet

ghost ships japan main

Ghost Ships With Dead Bodies Washing Ashore in Japan

World News – This is something out of a horror movie or at least something that is not expected in this century.  The strange and eerie is happening off the coast of Japan; something that sounds more akin to the age of pirates and myth. Tweet

china's worst driver

Daily Laugh; China’s Worst Driver is Caught on Camera (Video)

Weird World News – This dirver in China was dubbed the worst driver in the country after he was caught on video “trying” to get out of a parking spot multiple times.   Tweet

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