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china's worst driver

Daily Laugh; China’s Worst Driver is Caught on Camera (Video)

Daily Laugh; China’s Worst Driver is Caught on Camera (Video)

Weird World News – This dirver in China was dubbed the worst driver in the country after he was caught on video “trying” to get out of a parking spot multiple times.   Tweet


Dog Survives Euthanasia Attempt

World News (AP) – Animal control officer Wanda Snell knows what she saw: A veterinarian inserted a needle into the black-and-brown mutt and injected a chemical meant to euthanize the dog no one had adopted. The animal moved a bit and was still and quiet by the time she left the shelter for home. What


Guy Jailed After Catching Wife in Bed with Cop

World News – Talk about having some bad luck…….if it is not bad enough to catch your wife cheating with another man, let’s hear this man’s situation where after he gets pissed about another guy having sex with his wife he reacts only to find that the guy riding his wife is a cop…….and then

cow farts costa rica main

“Green” Costa Rica Trying to Reduce Cow Farts

Costa Rica News – After hearing this news I could nothing but laugh for about half an hour.  Believe it or not this is really going to happen in Costa Rica.  But I guess when you decide to go for carbon neutral then you go all out and cut wherever you can. Tweet

shark on subway in new york main

Real Shark Found on New York Subway

World News – No we are not writing about shark finning in Costa Rica or swimming with the sharks….this happened below ground in New York. Commuters encountered an unexpected passenger when they boarded a New York City subway train early Wednesday: a shark. Tweet

Sexual Arousal Dress

Dress Turns Transparent Upon Sexual Arousal

If this dress becomes transparent when your wife’s brother comes over then you might have a problem.  Honestly, though this would be great for women to be required to wear as it would be like being able to read a woman’s mind by looking at her clothes.  Tweet

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