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UFO Investigation – Lights in the Sky

UFO Investigation – Lights in the Sky

Ghosts & The Supernatural – Malik has an unusual story to tell. Malik says that he has seen USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects) take off from under the bay into the air. He has seen them morph, where they come together and separate into other UFOs. When USOs take off into the air they become UFOs (Unidentified

Alien Acropolis

Why do we build temples on the high place of the hill, with stars looking down at us and whisper through the stone windows to them our secrets? Can they hear us, as we plead with them? Do they know us, from their heights, or are we simply misplacing our memories, to try and capture

DEA, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, RCMP & UFOs

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Many government organizations get involved with the UFO phenomenon. Here are just a few, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency); US Coast Guard; RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and the Merchant Marines. Tweet

What Happens When Aliens Come to Earth?

World News  – The science fiction movie “Arrival,” which opened in theaters this month, poses tantalizing questions about how humans might make contact — and eventually communicate — with intelligent aliens. The much-hyped film has renewed people’s interest in the search for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. But what would happen if humans really did

Ghosts, Poltergeist, UFOs and Women in Black

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Pushing, shoving by entities. Found pentagram on floor, under carpet. People are levitated from their beds. Bruises on occupant. The Murky Witch of Galt is said to haunt the property. Settlers and native American Indians once had a gunfight squirmish on this property. Exit off Liberty Road. Richard has taken many

Ghost Hunting at the Haunted Muir Woods National Monument

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Some of the history will tell you that by the early 20th century, most of these forests had been cut down. Just north of the San Francisco Bay, one valley named Redwood Canyon remained uncut, mainly due to its relative inaccessibility. Tweet

What Can Hide the Earth from Aliens? The ‘Laser Cloak’

World Technology News – Are you afraid of getting an anal probe or aliens attacking the Earth? There might be protection, that is if their technology is not advanced like we see in the movies. Tweet

Ghost & UFO Hunting in Mount Lassen & Great Sand Dunes National Parks

Ghosts & the Paranormal – Are planning on doing some hiking in some beautiful areas as well as searching for paranormal activity or UFOs? Then you are going to want to hit these two places. Tweet

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