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Rivers of the Underworld

Rivers of the Underworld

In Greek Mythology, there is told that five rivers exist which go into the underworld. These rivers are as follows; Acheron, Cocytus, Lethe, Phlegethon, and Styx. These rivers are a part of Hades; who also is King there. The rivers guide us to where we are meant to be in the afterlife. Just like in

The Supernatural In Six Rivers National Forest & Redwood State Parks

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Here are two cryptid calls that got me pretty excited. The first one is about the Hidebehind of Six Rivers National Forest. But, before I talk about the Hidebehind of Six Rivers National Forest, let’s first look at this National Forest. Tweet

Legends of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a very pleasing Earth growing plant. It has a delicious aroma and is popularly used in much of our cooking today. Cinnamon is said to be very good for the health of the heart.It is a reddish brown color and is usually ground up for eating. Cinnamon has its roots in our hearts

Paranormal Activity in Yuba City

Ghosts & The Supernatural – The date February 13, 2010. HPI Paranormal Investigator Ann Dupire picks me up from my home and we head out on the long stretch to Yuba City. Tonight should be an interesting night, because we are investigation three apartments in one apartment complex that are reputed to be haunted. In fact

Haunted Camanche Lake

Ghosts & the Supernatural –  Near Camanche Lake is the abandoned town of Camanche. This town was named after a town in Iowa. The town of Camanche was alive during the time of the gold rush. The town of Camanche was once called Limerick and someone felt it was better to call the town Camanche.

Fire & Light

The fire is smoke, scorching hot, rising up from the ground and burning bridges. A dangerous desire unleashed in naivety and circumstance has a mixed reaction. The pain felt is above any other and a strong walk on the stone in the heat may cause us to stumble where we step. We may dance on

Haunted Empire Mine State Historical Park

Ghosts & the Supernatural – On this day, Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I, explored the Empire Mine State Historical Park. Just to let you know, this mine is very haunted. In fact all mines are haunted. The reason being is that the miners worked under harsh conditions and there were many accidents and deaths. Even to

Moon Feathers – Protect Yourself From Evil

How to stop a curse – To stop a curse; remember that you need to put as much energy into the light thoughts that someone put into the dark thoughts against you. You must also heal yourself through positive chants, affirmations and beliefs. Tweet

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