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ESL Teaching CR; Checking Comprehension

ESL Teaching CR; Checking Comprehension

Teaching English in Costa Rica – One of the hardest aspects of teaching English as a Second Language is the strategy. When a person trains to be a teacher of non language disciplines, everything from the lesson plan to the presentation to the structure of evaluations is completely different. While subject comprehension is an issue across

Costa Rica Teaching; Private Classes & Students

Teaching in Costa Rica – Calculating your monthly budget can be a frustrating exercise for ESL teachers. When comparing your fixed expenses to the salary you earn, often times a glass of wine or two is needed to cope with the final numbers. We’ve discussed in this space previously that many teachers increase income by working

CR Teaching; Your Students Might Hate You

Teaching in Costa Rica – Lesson planning. What to wear. Which bus to take. What’s my warm-up activity? There are so many things to take into consideration as an ESL teacher for any given session. From when to leave home to arriving back there safely again after class, the mental multi-tasking can be draining. While these

December is Pivotal for CR ESL Teachers

Costa Rica Teaching News – “Winter’s coming.” Any fan of the series Game of Thrones will know these famous words of Eddard Stark. While often a tumultuous season for those in the fantasy and real world, winter doesn’t have to be. A move to Costa Rica can ease the pain of winter. The trick is to

ESL Teaching Job Interviews in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Teaching Jobs – When discussing job opportunities we often take for granted the most important element. A freshly printed cover letter, resume or CV and, increasingly nowadays, a sharp LinkedIn account are surely requisites to any job application process. With these as a given – and lots of attention being given to make them

Teaching English in CR: A Student Perspective

Costa Rica Teaching News – Living abroad for an indeterminate amount of time is a common inclusion on many bucket lists. Teaching English in Costa Rica provides great outlet to put a checkmark beside that bullet point for many reasons. Learning a new language, experiencing new cultures, trying new foods, new customs and challenging yourself to

Costa Rica As An ESL Kick-Start

Costa Rica Teaching News – One of the more frustrating aspects of attempts at entering a new field is a lack of experience. Potential employers look for that intangible amount of experience but would rather not provide the opportunity to reach that requisite. The ESL world is no different.  There is big money to be made

CR Teaching; Students Want to Learn English

Costa Rica Teaching News – It is easy to confuse want with need. Anyone who has taken even the most basic of introductory business classes would have been taught Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to help shed light on the important distinction. Maslow defines needs, of course, as those things such as water and shelter that are

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