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Costa Rica Suspends Del Monte Pineapple Farm

Costa Rica Suspends Del Monte Pineapple Farm

Costa Rica News – Officials in Costa Rica have reportedly ordered the temporary closure of a pineapple farm belonging to Pineco, a subsidiary of US multinational Fresh Del Monte Produce, over concerns about the safeguarding of nearby wetlands and a Unesco World Heritage site. Tweet

The National Theater of Costa Rica To Be Featured on Television

Costa Rica News – The National Theater of Costa Rica is being featured in a TV series along with six other theaters of the region. Tweet

Costa Rica Gains Traction in Exotic Fruits & Vegetables Market

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica has embarked on an export diversification strategy to take advantage of the surge in international demand for exotic fruits and vegetables. Tweet

Costa Rica & Cocaine Drug Trafficking

Costa Rica News – ecurity officials in Costa Rica say they are incapable of stopping transnational drug traffickers from using the country’s pristine beaches as stopover points for cocaine shipments headed to the United States, a development that’s likely linked to the surge in Colombia’s cocaine production. Tweet

Sea Shepherd Arrives In Costa Rica Offering to Help Fight Illegal Fishing Around Cocos Island

Costa Rica News – The Rangers on Cocos Island need a fast patrol vessel and Sea Shepherd can supply that need. Tweet

Pineapple Expansion Near Historical Site in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The company Del Monte, with its pineapple division Pindeco, is to operate in Osa, around an archaeological site. Tweet

Willows Coffee Connecting Consumers and Roasters to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – A new farm-to-bag retail coffee company has started up in Minnesota called Willows Coffee, led by the fifth generation of a Costa Rican coffee farming family. Tweet

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