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Costa Rican Sparring With Mayweather Before Conor McGregor Fight

Costa Rican Sparring With Mayweather Before Conor McGregor Fight

Costa Rica News – Costa Rican Arturo Izquierdo Acuña left for the States a couple months ago to seek a professional boxing opportunity. Tweet

Costa Rica Synchronized Swimmers Compete in Budapest

Costa Rica Sports – Synchronized swimmers have overcome adversity to compete in the worldwide competition in Budapest. Tweet

The Rivalry Renewed; Costa Rica Vs USA – CONCACAF Gold Cup Semifinals

Costa Rica Soccer – Costa Rica will test its skill against the United States, now that the US secured its presence in the semifinals by beating El Salvador 2-0 last night. Tweet

Indigenous Students Bring Solar Energy to Rural Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Four Indigenous girls introduced solar energy in their hometown, following a scholarship provided by the Costa Rican Minister of Foreign Relations to study solar engineering in India. Tweet

Why Do People in Costa Rica Live So Long?

Costa Rica Living – Nicoya, Guanacaste, Costa Rica is well known for the longevity of its residents. It’s considered one of the five “blue-zones” of the world, that is where it’s likely to reach the age of 80 in good physical and mental health. Tweet

Forum on Solving Social Problems in Costa Rica

Csota Rica News – “Reto Pais,” or Country Challenge, invites both Ticos and foreigners to come up with solutions to solve social problems. Five suggestions will be chosen to be developed with the advice of entrepreneurs and specialists. Tweet

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