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Fake Costa Rica Lawyer Defends Client & Wins in Court

Fake Costa Rica Lawyer Defends Client & Wins in Court

Costa Rica News – This first time I read about this I thought to myself this must be from The Onion, but it is in fact true.   Tweet

Get Out! Trump to Fine Latinos for Use of Term “American”

Costa Rica News – If you are from Costa Rica or anywhere south of the Texas/Mexico border then you are going to have to watch your words or you might have a Trump enforcer knocking at your door requesting payment for a fine. Tweet

“13 Reasons Why” & It’s Connection to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Alejandro Morales is a Costa Rican who was part of the well talked about production “13 Reasons Why.” Tweet

Justin Bieber “Appearance” in Costa Rica Causes Mahem

Costa Rica News – Multiplaza Escazu became a madhouse Sunday night when mall shoppers noticed that “Justin Bieber” was among them. Tweet

Costa Rica’s Eduardo Li Suspended From FIFA for Life

Costa Rica News – Suspended for life is not something anyone wants to hear but such was the fate of Eduardo Li, former president of the Costa Rican Football Federation, according to the decision making body of the FIFA Ethics Committee. Tweet

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