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legalizing pot

Legalizing Pot Gains Traction in Costa Rica & The Americas

Legalizing Pot Gains Traction in Costa Rica & The Americas

Costa Rica News – How would you like to be able to carry an ounce of pot and not be worried about the cops? Well some people already do that but it might become actually legal. Tweet

mexico costa rica soccer main

Mexico Routs Costa Rica in Olympic Qualifying Soccer Match 4 to 0

Costa Rica Sports – Without really impressing, Mexico still managed an effective beginning to a campaign to defend its Olympic title from 2012, defeating Costa Rica 4-0 in the opening match of qualifying. Tweet

Anthropocene Age main

Revisiting the Anthropocene Age

It’s difficult to conceive, but a few decades ago nature was largely seen as a dangerously untamed force. Now only when there are natural disasters, such as the recent cyclone that devastated the island country of Vanuatu, are we reminded that the forces of nature are not under human control. Tweet


Why I Choose Costa Rica Over Mexico

Costa Rica Travel – Beautiful white sand beaches, gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, palm trees, and fresh fruit…these are things that remind me of Mexico. I used to travel there every year, sometimes twice a year growing up – I even lived there for a school semester during college. I loved the climate, the people, and the

conflict in costa rica

Costa Rica; Low Risk of Conflict in 2014

Costa Rica News – Iin everyday life in Costa Rica there is a very low risk of conflict and confrontation; The country of Costa Rica as a whole mimics this persona in general.  Tweet

mexico fake border crossing 1

Amusement Park Fake Mexico Border Crossing Attraction

World News – Let’s think about how inappropriate this attraction at the amusement park is and ask the question who is finding this? What’s next a reenactment of the holocaust gas chambers? I guess we cannot expect much with the absolutely worthless piece of legislation on immigration reform they are trying to push through congress.  Tweet

alien skulls

‘Alien’ Skulls Found in Mexico

For all of you that are looking for proof of life on other planets. For all of you that have been to Roswell to see the Alien museum. For all of you that claim to have seen a UFO or believe in alien life forms, there might be actually proof in Mexico.  Seems they liked Mexico

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