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If We Wait, It Will Be Too Late

If We Wait, It Will Be Too Late

In an incoherent and terrifying speech before the UN, President Trump all but declared war on North Korea, all but pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, and all but destroyed the universal aspirations of the United Nations by doubling down on national sovereignty in a global society. Click to Get Your Free Guide to

A Computer Will Never Have an Insight

Neuroscientists and cutting edge computer developers are in the first stages of building a “bridge between flesh and chip.” Chillingly, promoters speak of a “brave new world” of thought-controlled machines–in the opposite way that Aldous Huxley used the term. Just what are the implications of directly linking the brain with the computer? Tweet

The Global Mind

When academic philosophers start quoting Aristotle in the mainstream media, you know Western philosophy is spiritually and intellectually bankrupt. They’re making conceited claims such as, “There is an insight in the self-help slogan ‘living in the present’ that philosophy can redeem.” Tweet

What Does It Mean to Think Together?

Culture, in the anthropological and traditional sense of the word, barely exists anymore. It’s one interconnected world of immense disorder now, which absurdly is called diversity. (Have you noticed that the more people talk about diversity, the less there actually is of it?) Tweet

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