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pot in costa rica

Why Pot Gives People the Munchies

Why Pot Gives People the Munchies

Health News – So have you ever smoked that big bowl and then thought to yourself a peanut butter cup and a glass of milk sounds really good right now?  There way be a reason for that. Tweet

bribe refusal costa rica main

Breaking News…..Costa Rica Police Officer Refuses Bribe

Costa Rica News – Bribery is no new thing, but police in Costa Rica refusing it? Now, I’d say that’s news. A 32 year old man, Monge, tried to bribe a cop with $100, to get out of going to jail on a drug carrying charge. Tweet

pot in costa rica

Pot Becoming More Popular Than Cigarettes in Costa Rica Schools

Costa Rica News – Is is getting more popular to light up a joint than a cigarette with many Costa Rican school kids.  The National Adolescent Clinic Children’s Hospital did a study with 3,373 school children. They found that the percentage who have used marijuana rose from just 1% in 1991 to 15% last year.

marijauna super bowl commercial

Weed the ‘New Beer’ Super Bowl Commercial? (Video)

World Entertainment News – The surprising speed at which legal marijuana is emerging into the mainstream may have caught a software giant with a creative advertising ploy off guard.Intuit, the makers of Quicken and Quickbooks, launched a contest in August for small businesses to compete for a chance to have its very own commercial during the

smoking marijuana

Even The Police in CR are Burning Marijuana

Costa Rica News – You have to love the fact that the Costa Rican police are now burning marijuana.  If anyone should be burning weed it should be the police right? Tweet


Colorado Setting DUI Limit for Marijuana

No matter how they measure this there are going to be so many fines that lawyers are going to get thrown out because they will say the pot was smoked another day. Colorado is set to introduce stricter rules on from driving under the influence of marijuana, following the drug’s legalization in the state. Tweet

costa rica crime app

Costa Rica Crime Reporting App

Costa Rica News – I am torn on this new app to try to prevent and report crimes in Costa Rica.  My general sentiment is that this is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard of and on the other hand because Ticos love using their cell phones this might have some function.

costa rica-marijuana

Costa Rica Marijuana Farmer Slap on the Wrist

Costa Rica News – It simply amazes me the punishments for the crimes in Costa Rica. The punishment is supposed to deter you from committing the crime, not entice you to commit them.  Tweet

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