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growing marijuana main

Costa Rica Legalizing Growing Marijuana for Personal Use?

Costa Rica Legalizing Growing Marijuana for Personal Use?

Costa Rica News – I do not think the cartels will like this too much but it is a thought.  Tweet

costa rica marijuana

New Route for Marijuana to Enter Costa Rica Found

Costa Rica News – Do you ever notice that it is normally the authorities on the other side of the Costa Rican border that are actually stopping the drug trade? Probable because once in Costa Rica most cartels members and drug traders feel safe. Tweet

jairo mora costa rica

Turtle Poaching, Drug Trafficking, and Murder in Costa Rica (Video)

Costa Rica News – This for me is a must watch. It will be surprising for me to see if there were any interactions with people because of the corruption behind the scenes at the highest levels of government in Costa Rica. Tweet

medical mariuana

Smoking Weed in Costa Rica….No…..Medical Marijuana….Maybe

Costa Rica News – Although the President of Costa Rica is against marijuana use in all forms, the idea of medicinal use is still being considered by various ministries. Tweet

bribe refusal costa rica main

Breaking News…..Costa Rica Police Officer Refuses Bribe

Costa Rica News – Bribery is no new thing, but police in Costa Rica refusing it? Now, I’d say that’s news. A 32 year old man, Monge, tried to bribe a cop with $100, to get out of going to jail on a drug carrying charge. Tweet

pot in costa rica

Pot Becoming More Popular Than Cigarettes in Costa Rica Schools

Costa Rica News – Is is getting more popular to light up a joint than a cigarette with many Costa Rican school kids.  The National Adolescent Clinic Children’s Hospital did a study with 3,373 school children. They found that the percentage who have used marijuana rose from just 1% in 1991 to 15% last year.

marijauna super bowl commercial

Weed the ‘New Beer’ Super Bowl Commercial? (Video)

World Entertainment News – The surprising speed at which legal marijuana is emerging into the mainstream may have caught a software giant with a creative advertising ploy off guard.Intuit, the makers of Quicken and Quickbooks, launched a contest in August for small businesses to compete for a chance to have its very own commercial during the

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