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ICE Trying to Prevent Further Costa Rica Blackouts

Costa Rica News – Although this is somewhat reactive behavior after the last Costa Rica blackout I will give them a little bit of proactive credit doing it before another one. Tweet

What is Going On With Costa Rica Electricity Rates?

Costa Rica News – Do you ever wonder why government run monopolies are making money in the truck loads? It should be of no surprise that this is happening in Costa Rica. Tweet

Costa Rica To Have a Skyscraper?

Costa Rica News – Well perhaps there will be a building that truly touches the sky or close to it in Costa Rica soon. Tweet

A Response to “Costa Rica Using 100% Renewable Power”

Costa Rica News – Over the past 6 to 8 months Costa Rica has pushed the fact that they are using 100% renewable energy, but what are the truths in this statement.   Tweet

Costa Rica Reventazon Hydroelectric Project Begins Producing Power Next Week

Costa Rica News – After years of construction it looks like Costa Rica’s hydroelectric project is finally going to start performing its purpose. Tweet

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