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Costa Rica Government to Review ICE Electricity Costs

Costa Rica Government to Review ICE Electricity Costs

Costa Rica News – Are you tired of ICE increasing your electricity costs and not giving you a reason why? President Solis is tired of it as well.   Another announcement of a 16% proposed electricity cost increases came last week from the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) and the other electric companies in the country.

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Costa Rica Limiting Unlimited Internet

Costa Rica News - My unlimited internet plan from Movistar had a very sketchy contract that was not at all identical to the verbal contract they gave me. “It’s because the papers come from Guatemala,” they told me, as if that makes it normal. Sure enough, they started charging crazy rates for internet that was “unlimited.”

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Costa Rica’s INS Loses Court Battle in Florida

Costa Rica News – It seems the the INS of Costa Rica was hoping that the court system in the USA was as lenient as the one in Costa Rica in regards to Costa Rican government entities breaking contracts.  We have seen various contracts that the Costa Rican government has formed over the past years


4G is Here in Costa Rica, But At What Cost?

Costa Rica News – CAFTA was supposed to help open the markets for competition in Costa Rica in many industries.  The ruling on a court case regarding 4G in Costa Rica might be contrary to this open market agreement.  Tweet

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ICE Gets $70 Million Loan for Geothermal Plant

Costa Rica News - Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, Costa Rica’s state-run utility, will a receive $70 million loan from the European Investment Bank to expand a geothermal power plant as the nation seeks to get all of its energy from renewable sources. Tweet

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ICE Gets $1.4 Billion for Hydroelectric Projects

Costa Rica News – Well at least half of this money will be wasted or go into the back pockets of government officials in Costa Rica. It always amazes me when world banks or any country gives Costa Rica government entities money to use on their own.  They have over and over again proven themselves

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Broadband in Costa Rica Schools; Not ICE

Costa Rica News – For any of us that have had the joy of working with ICE, Costa Rica’s government owned telecommunications entity, we a know how difficult they can be both with customer service and their service in general. I guess that is why they did not get the contract to install broadband in

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Japan $560 Million to CR for Geothermal Energy

Costa Rica News – Oh boy another loan put in the hands of the incompetent Costa Rican government.  When will these countries learn that the only way these monies will be wasted and pocketed by Costa Rican government officials.  The Government of Costa Rica signed today for a loan for $ 560 million awarded by

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