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Juanilama Solar Park Launching in Costa Rica

Juanilama Solar Park Launching in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Guanacaste launches a solar park that will provide electricity to 2,000 homes. Click to Get Your Free Guide to Shipping & Costa Rica Relocation Tweet

“Green” Pura Vida? Costa Rica’s Renewables Conceal Dependence on Oil

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica saying it ran in 100% renewable energy is not so true. Tweet

A Project Giving Costa Rica a Solar Powered Boost

Costa Rica News – Solar energy looks set to grow tenfold in Costa Rica if a proposed 10.08 MW plant goes ahead. Last month a company called Desarrollo Solar Nacascolo asked for a public service concession to build the project in Guanacaste Province, in the northwest of the country. Tweet

San Ramon Costa Rica is Going Solar

Costa Rica News – Some places in Costa Rica are truly trying to instate the “Green” image that ICT boasts about the country. But doing things on a local level is a beginning and we can only hope that the success of these projects encourages the Costa Rican government to do things on a large

Clean Energy Coming to Costa Rica……In a Few Years

Costa Rica News – Clean energy is coming to over 200,000 Costa Rican homes, in a few years, that is. While two geothermal plants already have guaranteed funding from Congress, the construction won’t begin before 2018. Tweet

Spanish Company to Build Wind Farm in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The Spanish manufacturing company Gamesa has signed a contract to build the 50MW wind farm in Orosí,  Costa Rica. Tweet

Clean Energy is Joining Texas & Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Officials in San Ramón, Costa Rica, on a quest to establish a renewable energy development and manufacturing hub, are cultivating ties with Austin business, university and city leaders. An exploratory sister city delegation from San Ramon visited Austin in July 2012. A series of 15 meetings with targeted Austin technology and educational

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