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Fire & Light

Fire & Light

The fire is smoke, scorching hot, rising up from the ground and burning bridges. A dangerous desire unleashed in naivety and circumstance has a mixed reaction. The pain felt is above any other and a strong walk on the stone in the heat may cause us to stumble where we step. We may dance on

Immortal Storm

The immortal storm is the spirit of all tempests in the universe. The storm can be physical; watering the seeds of the land, or it can be metaphysical and reside within your heart, mind or soul. The immortal storm is healing, powerful and beautiful, springing forth life in all realms. Tweet

Golden Amber Dawn

We sense the future fast approaching, with a new dawn, a treasure to behold, from the eyes of the blessed. A spark relights the fire of life and the day begins. We feel the energy of the present. We release the past through time, colored like shards of amber glass, washed onto the shore of

The Evidence of the Gods

Ghosts & the Supernatural – All my life I have been interested in the paranormal. Because of that, during my world travels, I would visit areas that are paranormal hotspots. Some of those areas are: Tower of London; The Versailles Gardens in France; Bridge over River Kwai – Thailand; Edinburgh Castle in Scotland; Jamaica Inn; Stonehenge;

Limits, Limitations and Limitedness

There’s a great deal of confusion surrounding the idea of limits and limitations, including by supposed philosophers. What are limits, and what are our limitations? It’s a question well worth exploring, since our continued growth as individuals largely depends on our understanding of the issue. Tweet

The Work of the Gods and Human Beings

Meditations – On an early spring afternoon along the stream that runs along the periphery of the town, a huge, smooth shelf of a cloud juts out from halfway up a mass of cumulus over the foothills. It grows out of the billowing white clouds in a grayish wall hundreds of meters high that adds

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