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Legends of Stone

Legends of Stone

The legends of stone are immortal pieces of a long forgotten Earth, which remind us of the powerful past, of many civilizations of humans and Gods. The stories that we have collected from previous generations of culture and society, have made their way into modern philosophy and prophecy. We are one race, coming together, into

The Broken Road – Moving On & Starting Over

Lisa and I hit it off right away, but I think I was just looking for anything at that point of time in my life. I needed something to get my mind off the fact my heart was still split in two. She could have been the most perfect girl in the world but she

Trying to Find Happiness in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Editorial – My job is to read news from around the world and Costa Rica each and everyday and to share what I think people might find interesting. While sifting through the piles and piles of absolute bullshit that is reported on it is hard to smile about the future of the world

The Broken Road – Starting a Business in CR

It was finally time for me to stop playing around with the remedial jobs in Costa Rica and start my own business.  One thing to realize when living in Costa Rica is that unless you own your own business or company, there is not much chance of you moving past a situation where you are

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