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Costa Rica’s Aqueduct Fueled by Solar Energy

Costa Rica’s Aqueduct Fueled by Solar Energy

Costa Rica News – The Guanacastecos are the first in Costa Rica to have an aqueduct that operates 100% with solar energy. Tweet

“Green” Pura Vida? Costa Rica’s Renewables Conceal Dependence on Oil

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica saying it ran in 100% renewable energy is not so true. Tweet

Costa Rica Solar Energy On The Rise

Costa Rica News – Most Central American nations surpass Costa Rica when it comes to generating electricity with sunlight, even though the country has the perfect conditions to exploit this renewable source. Tweet

Costa Rica’s ICE Finally Agrees to Solar Energy Net-Metering

Costa Rica News – Following more than a year of negotiations between the utility company I.C.E. and the solar energy organization Acesolar, a new net-metering pricing structure has been agreed upon — putting an end to a year long hiatus on projects intended to make use of net-metering — according to Costa Rica’s Regulatory Authority

Will Solar Power Become a Reality in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – In February, ICE chose to shut down the pilot plan for generating electricity via solar panels. Many objected to this, because there is large support for greener energy sources in Costa Rica. Tweet

San Ramon Costa Rica is Going Solar

Costa Rica News – Some places in Costa Rica are truly trying to instate the “Green” image that ICT boasts about the country. But doing things on a local level is a beginning and we can only hope that the success of these projects encourages the Costa Rican government to do things on a large

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