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Were Teak Farm Investors Scammed?

Were Teak Farm Investors Scammed?

According to the Tropical American Tree Farms , they are one of the largest teak farms in the country. The company sells small teak trees to their investors, giving them certificates of ownership of the trees, and they would grow these trees to be harvested for lumber after several years. They were promised that their


Costa Rica Sweepstakes Scam – Unethical Praying on Seniors

One of the biggest scams that has been occurring in Costa Rica and overseas for many years is the infamous sweepstakes scam claiming that you have won substantial prizes in a lottery or other type of drawing.  These unethical lowlifes pray mostly on senior citizens that make the unfortunate mistake of answering their phone when one


Costa Rica, Watch Out!

Costa Rica is indeed one of the most beautiful countries to live in. The cost of living is substantially cheaper and there is no lack on beautiful sceneries and stunning ladies as well. Maybe you are considering buying a property and getting a Tica girlfriend as well. But don’t get caught with your pants down.

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