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What is This World Coming To? Scam at Costa Rica School Charity Bingo

What is This World Coming To? Scam at Costa Rica School Charity Bingo

Costa Rica News – I look around the world each day and read the news from all parts of the world to try to get articles for The Costa Rican Times.  The more I read the more I see this world is going to hell in a handbasket. I use examples from Costa Rica but

Costa Rica Police Aided Weapons Robbery in San Jose

Costa Rica News – I am going to call absolute bullshit on the fact that this is being called a robbery.  It is obvious it was an inside job by the police stationed in this headquarters to get extra cash.  I love when government employees in Costa Rica expect people to believe the “I have

Online Car Sales Scam Has Many Costa Rica Victims

Costa Rica News – I wonder what it is like for Costa Ricans to be on the victim end of a scam and not the ones scamming money from foreigners using scams like the sweepstakes scams, biofuel and teak scams, and real estate scams. With the taxes going up on vehicles it seems Costa Ricans

Costa Rica Scam; Mandatory Car Insurance to Be Paid to CCSS Social Security Fund

Costa Rica News – This new fee seems like a really bad idea to me. With the new traffic law now in place, now the Social Security Fund (CCSS) will  be compensated by the compulsory motor insurance (SOA) for taking care of people injured in accidents. Tweet

MEP Investigates Costa Rica Teachers for Skipping Classes

Costa Rica News – The education system in Costa Rica shows almost everyday that it needs changes and accountability for the teachers and the system in general.  These educators are supposed to be teaching the students about life and responsibility when they cannot even set good examples for the children. Even the teachers union is

Buy Your Degree – Costa Rica Private Universities Lack Quality Control

Costa Rica News – It seems that if you have enough money you can get whatever degree you want at Costa Rica’s private universities and schools. I had a friend of mine that tutors students in Costa Rica, that one of her middle school student’s parents would pay his teachers to pass him.  No big

Costa Rica Smugglers Swallow $40,000 in Cash

Costa Rica News – Well I guess new forms of money laundering a scams are thought of each day in Costa Rica.  I would love to know how this idea came about.  My guess would be 3 to 4 ticos were sitting around thinking of how they could clean and use all the money they

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