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Buy Your Degree – Costa Rica Private Universities Lack Quality Control

Buy Your Degree – Costa Rica Private Universities Lack Quality Control

Costa Rica News – It seems that if you have enough money you can get whatever degree you want at Costa Rica’s private universities and schools. I had a friend of mine that tutors students in Costa Rica, that one of her middle school student’s parents would pay his teachers to pass him.  No big

Costa Rica Smugglers Swallow $40,000 in Cash

Costa Rica News – Well I guess new forms of money laundering a scams are thought of each day in Costa Rica.  I would love to know how this idea came about.  My guess would be 3 to 4 ticos were sitting around thinking of how they could clean and use all the money they

Top 10 Costa Rica Investment Scams

Costa Rica News – We have in our last article shared with you “Why Costa Rica Investment Scams Work“. Now we would like to present the Top 10 Investment Scams.  All of which you will find in some fashion in Costa Rica.   A lot of people come to Costa Rica with no desire to

costa rica scams

Why Do Costa Rica Investment Scams Work?

Costa Rica News – With what seems as everyday another scam in Costa Rica popping up CRT wanted to put together a little bit of information out there for those that might be put in a situation where your money is stolen in a Costa Rica  investment scam.   Tweet

Secret Travel Logs Subpoenaed For Border Road Officials

Costa Rica News – It seems that the OIJ, the only legit law enforcement body in Costa Rica, is finally stepping in to try to clean up this border trail nonsense.  With government officials pointing fingers at each other and sending everyone on a wild goose chase chasing each others’ tails, it looks like OIJ and a

Costa Rica Court Opened 35 Corporate Bank Accounts for Border Trail Work

Costa Rica News – Well if there was not already enough evidence that from border trail fiasco that the government was siphoning money from this scam, lets add some more evidence.  On the building of this dirt road along the Costa Rica/Nicaragua border 35 different corporate bank accounts were formed to make payments. Tweet

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