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Gringo Scumbags Arrested in Costa Rica Lottery Scam

Gringo Scumbags Arrested in Costa Rica Lottery Scam

Costa Rica News – Targeting people over 55 years of age in the United States, five Americans were arrested Wednesday afternoon in Costa Rica, suspected of being part of an organization that swindled more than 1,000 people the tune of US$9 million dollars. Tweet

Scammers Use Fear & Poor Legal System to Extort Victims in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Scammers in Costa Rica very often get away with their crimes because, while the Prosecutor’s Office may act ex officio, matters get stuck when the testimony of the victim is lost.  Tweet

The Costa Rica Travel Agency Scam

Costa Rica News – Scams are rampant in Costa Rica due to the fact that the scammers know exactly how to work the inept Costa Rica legal system. Tweet

Another Costa Rica Real Estate Scam

Costa Rica News –  If you are planning on getting a job in Costa Rica, or find real estate in Costa Rica, or looking for a girl in Costa Rica you need to be very careful. Tweet

When It Comes to Scammers in Costa Rica; It’s Not The Ticos You Have to Worry About

Over the years at the Costa Rican Times, we have been contacted by various people that have been scammed or defrauded. They have had real estate and of course money taken from them by people that know how to use the inefficient legal system in Costa Rica to their advantage. They know that they can

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