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Yet Another Costa Rica Scam…..Watch Out for the INS Call!

Yet Another Costa Rica Scam…..Watch Out for the INS Call!

Costa Rica News – Because there are so many loopholes in the Costa Rica legal system and the time a money required to bring a case to trial in Costa Rica normally outweighs the compensation, Costa Rica has become a hot spot for scam artists and fraudsters.  Tweet

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Costa Rica Hopes to Develop It’s Securities Trading

Costa Rica News - Costa Rica’s federal government will likely put into effect laws to enhance stock and also bond trading and investing for both regional and international investors. Tweet

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Czech Cigarette Smuggler Being Extradited from Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The scammers and fraudsters continue to set up shop in Costa Rica.  He of course was not taken down by breaking laws in Costa Rica……it was his home country that is pressing criminal charges. Tweet

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Blocking Out the Negative & Finding Happiness in Costa Rica

To say the least it has been a tough last week.  I can usually handle the frustrations that Costa Rica and the world throw at me but this just about pushed me over the edge.  I promised myself that my frame of mind needed to always remain in the following state….”I would never actually truly

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Costa Rica Scammers Busted & Scams to Watch For

Costa Rica News - Police were tipped off by anonymous callers who indicated that a couple had experienced a rapid fortune. The confidential callers said that the husband and wife appeared to have acquired many luxuries in a short time. They were suspected of engaging in illegal activities. Tweet

costa rica-business-success

The Broken Road – Business Success in Costa Rica?

I had more or less achieved getting over Priscilla through my destined to fail relationship, it has accomplished the desired result. It was time to focus in the business portion of my life.  When you live in Costa Rica for an extended period of time,  you begin to notice that people that run scams and

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Avoiding the Most Common Scams in CR

Costa Rica News – Scammers are probably the best people you’ll meet in your entire life. Why? They want something that you have, and they are going to take it from you. These crooks look like anybody else you know; a friend, a trusted neighbor, or somebody posing as a relative, knocking on your doorstep.

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Costa Rica’s Microalgea Bio-Refinery?

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica might be actually trying to go after that carbon neutrality goal set for 2021.  The only problem is it seems the private sector will have to lead the way as the Costa Rican government is failing in it’s part. Tweet

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