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Machu Picchu Mayor Honors Costa Rican President Solis

Machu Picchu Mayor Honors Costa Rican President Solis

Costa Rica News – Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera visited the Inca citadel in Cusco. Tweet

A Look Into The Costa Rican Presidency of Solis (Audio)

This Week in Costa Rica will feature each week a news portion in which Dan and Rico (qCostaRica) will talk about the happenings in and around the land of “Pura Vida”. With over 30 years of living in Costa Rica between the two it give a unique insight into life in CR. Tweet

Public Shark Enemy #1; Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica’s President Luis Guillermo Solís was awarded the ‘Shark Enemy’ award by the conservation organization Sharkproject International. President Solís was nominated by the Sharkproject team and picked by a team of international jurors for this dishonor based on his anti-conservation policy record that seeks to roll back marine conservation efforts, most

Did Someone Kick Costa Rica President Solis’ Dog?

Costa Rica News – When I was living in the mountains of Escazu I had to walk down from the apartment I was living at to the place the bus picked me up.  Most days there was a stray dog (may have had an owner) that hung out around the bus stop. Tweet

Costa Rica President Solis Receives Honorary Law Degree from Duquesne

Costa Rica News – Luis Guillermo Solis is a professional historian, but his life as president of Costa Rica has thrust him squarely into the present, where he has become a voice for sustainable development, activism on climate change and peace. Tweet

The Lying Police of Costa Rica; Makes Me Feel Warm & Fuzzy

Costa Rica News – There are stories that you hear all around Costa Rica about people greasing the palms of police officers.  There are the common traffic cop payoffs to get out of a speeding ticket or other moving violation.  There are local business owners that have to slide some cash under the table that

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