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Justin Bieber “Appearance” in Costa Rica Causes Mahem

Justin Bieber “Appearance” in Costa Rica Causes Mahem

Costa Rica News – Multiplaza Escazu became a madhouse Sunday night when mall shoppers noticed that “Justin Bieber” was among them. Tweet

Costa Rica’s Eduardo Li Suspended From FIFA for Life

Costa Rica News – Suspended for life is not something anyone wants to hear but such was the fate of Eduardo Li, former president of the Costa Rican Football Federation, according to the decision making body of the FIFA Ethics Committee. Tweet

Angry Client Calls Tigo for Internet Being Down in Costa Rica – Privacy Laws Viloated

Costa Rica News – I think if you have lived in Costa Rica and dealt with internet providers we have all had this call at some point in time.  I know I did when I was working at home and internet service went out. Tweet

Texas Company & Costa Rican Organic Pineapples

Costa Rica News – Texas-based Pasco Foods is hoping to boost the profile and consumption of organic pineapples in the U.S. over the next year through a partnership with Costa Rica’s largest privately-owned organic pineapple grower, LyL Proyectos, with the focus on improving the consistent supplies. Tweet

Surf Photos & Costa Rica Weekend Surf Report- April 21st & 22nd

Costa Rica Surfing – (Surf Report April 21st & 22nd) – We are going to give you the surf forecast for Costa Rica and we have Costa Rica surf pics.  There are going to be some fun sets rolling on the Pacific side &  and smaller sets on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. We have also added surf video

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