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Mexican Cartels Have Costa Rica on Their Flight Plans

Mexican Cartels Have Costa Rica on Their Flight Plans

Costa Rica News – It is believed that Mexican cartels are using flights between their country and Costa Rica to import cocaine into Costa Rican territory. Click to Get Your Free Guide to Shipping & Costa Rica Relocation Tweet

Dos Aguas; A Brother’s Love & The Costa Rican World of Narco Trafficking (Video)

Costa Rica Entertainment – 2,050 people have already seen the national drama, Dos Aguas, which began on Thursday. Tweet

Nacro-Trafficking Plane Intercepted in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – I guess we can be happy that Costa Rica has stopped one plane in the increased narco-trafficking that is happening in Costa Rica. However, this is just scratching the service of what needs to be done to fight this growing problem in Costa Rica.  Tweet

Is Costa Rica The New Narco-State?

Costa Rica News – Drug cartels are beginning to set up shop in Costa Rica. They are rumored to be paying off local police and it is not costing them very much to start to completely control Costa Rica in ways to allow them to do their business freely.   Tweet

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