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Ignorance or Bliss? Costa Rican Wins Lottery, Quits Job

Ignorance or Bliss? Costa Rican Wins Lottery, Quits Job

Costa Rica News – I think almost everyone of us has had the dream of winning the lottery and then walking up to your boss and telling him to shove it where the sun don’t shine.  Well at least be able to quit our jobs, travel the world, and live wherever we want even if

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The Costa Rica Wizard Scam: Wait What?

Costa Rica News – I now that this is not really news in Costa Rica but after hearing about it I had to write something as I have never heard of something so ridiculous. It is so funny Costa Rican are so quick to think someone is trying to pull a fast one on them and

Lotería de navidad salió a la calle. Lotería navideña, Gordo navideño

The Costa Rican Lottery – A Painless Tax?

There is something quite fascinating about the Tico obsession with the National Lottery. Each week thousands of colorful lottery tickets are sold on the streets in towns and villages across the country and the results eagerly awaited live on Sunday evening TV. Tweet

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$230,000 Costa Rica Lottery Drawing on Black Friday

Costa Rica News – In a lot of places around the world Black Friday is a day where all prices are reduced to support the beginning of the materialistic shopping season for Christmas.  Costa Rica is trying to seduce as many people as possible to give them their money instead of spending it on gifts.

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