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The Thriving Skateboarding Scene in Costa Rica

The Thriving Skateboarding Scene in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment News – San Jose is the capital city of Costa Rica, the Central American nation that borders Panama to the south and Nicaragua in the north. It is the economic and cultural center of the country, with a population of just over 2.5 million. Click to Get Your Free Guide to Shipping

Costa Rica Unbound; A Motocross Experience

Costa Rica Travel News – Costa Rica is world renowned for adventure sports, including surfing, sport fishing, rafting, and yes even motocross. There is unmatched beauty in the country’s nature. The waters are warm, the adventure opportunities are endless. Tweet

CR Adventure Tours – Whitewater Rafting Video

Costa Rica Travel News – Costa Rica’s rich rivers have impressed many avid rafters. Groups of beginners also have an enjoyable time learning to navigate them. Whether you want to ride mild or wild, Costa Rica has a river rafting adventure for you. Tweet

Top 5 Nightlife Towns for a Costa Rica Guy’s Trip

Costa Rica Travel News – When heading down to Costa Rica for a Costa Rica guy’s trip or bachelor party there are a multitude of activities for you and the boys to take part of during the day, but when people think Costa Rica for guys they think of the night life. Tweet

Top 5 Tours for a Costa Rica Guy’s Trip

Costa Rica Travel News – Costa Rica has become a hot destination for guy’s trips, mancations, and bachelor parties.  The options for guys to bond with adventure tours and other experiences in Costa Rica are endless.  I do not know many guys that went to a bachelor party in Las Vegas and were able to

Why Costa Rica For A “Mancation” or Guy’s Trip

Costa Rica News – Every once in a while a guy has to have a trip with the boys in order to either get a break or just rejuvenate bonds of friendship that was dissipate over the years of life. This can be a guy’s trip to hang out with old college buddies or even

Mountain Bike Race to Circle CR Volcano

Costa Rica News & Events – When coming to Costa Rica there are so many adventure and extreme sports to experience. Mountain bikers have always enjoyed Costa Rica’s jungles. Now there’s a special event in the works that will attract bikers from around the world. The 100-mile mountain bike race will go around one of Costa

Mountain Biking the Roads of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel News – Devoted long time cyclists know the adrenaline rush that comes from riding at amazing speeds through dirt trails and inspiring scenery. There are trails for novice and advanced bikers in Costa Rica to see the country through different eyes than regular tourists on the roads in buses. Tweet

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