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Costa Rica’s Escazu Welcomes “Artwalk”

Costa Rica’s Escazu Welcomes “Artwalk”

Costa Rica Entertainment – Art and design are taking over Avenida Escazu for the weekend. Over 100 national and foreign artists will delight art-lovers at the Artwalk. Tweet

10 Ways to Reuse Old Items

It happens quite often to make an annual check of the things we have in the house and as a results, we either keep some of them, donate them or simply throw them away. Although there is nothing bad in get rid of items which no longer function or are in a bad condition, we

Jaco Beach and its ‘Refugees’

With its sun, sea and sand, Costa Rica has more than earned its longstanding international reputation as the ’Switzerland of Central America’, particularly Playa Jaco (Jaco Beach). This 2.5km strip of golden sands on the way to San Jose has long been a paradise for surfers, tourists, business travelers and those seeking a more relaxed and

Do You Need a Visa to Travel to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Travel – Costa Rica is a very small country found in Central America and it is famous for its incredible greenery, friendly people and awesome surfing opportunities. Costa Rica is also one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth and is home to an array of animals, varying landscapes and impressive wildlife that

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Finance Investigation Companies Mentioned in the Panama Papers

Costa Rica News – I find humor in the fact that the government which had multiple members mentioned in the Panama Paper is investigating companies that were implicated?  Tweet

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