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Would You Like to Be a Volunteer Costa Rica Police Officer?

Would You Like to Be a Volunteer Costa Rica Police Officer?

Costa Rica News – Transit authorities are asking for a hand. Specifically, they are looking for volunteers to work as Traffic Police without pay. So far, about 80 applications have been received, and 30-40 of them will be selected. Tweet

Villagers in Costa Rica Literally Wore Their Ancestors

Costa Rica News – Nowadays, people cling to objects that belonged to our ancestors as a way to honor their memory and even have them around, even if it is no longer possible. Tweet

Costa Rica Tying to Crack Down on Money Laundering

Costa Rica News – There is a new anti-money laundering law that imposes fines on certain populations that fail to alert the DCI of dubious operations of its customers. Tweet

Costa Rica Suspends Del Monte Pineapple Farm

Costa Rica News – Officials in Costa Rica have reportedly ordered the temporary closure of a pineapple farm belonging to Pineco, a subsidiary of US multinational Fresh Del Monte Produce, over concerns about the safeguarding of nearby wetlands and a Unesco World Heritage site. Tweet

Costa Rica Museum Displays Ancient Artificial Skull Deformation of Early Inhabitants

Costa Rica Entertainment – The exhibition will remain on show until September at the Jade Museum in San Jose. Tweet

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