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Are Aliens Here?

Are Aliens Here?

Robert Bigelow is building living quarters for other worlds. These prefabricated inflatables can be easily folded into the payload section of a rocket and later puffed up for use by astronauts in orbit — high-tech habitats for the space age. Tweet

Alien Acropolis

Why do we build temples on the high place of the hill, with stars looking down at us and whisper through the stone windows to them our secrets? Can they hear us, as we plead with them? Do they know us, from their heights, or are we simply misplacing our memories, to try and capture

Why Are Only Americans Interested in Search for Alien Life?

Years ago, during a brief visit to the Dutch university where I once worked, I gave a colloquium about the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). Perhaps surprising to some, Holland ranks high in the quality of its scientific research. This small country produces more than beer and cheese; it also exports physicists and astronomers, some

Does Evolution Have An Intrinsic Intent?

In deeper states of meditation, there comes something totally beyond words. For lack of a better word, call it benediction. Can only the human brain bring the benediction on this planet? Tweet

What Happens When Aliens Come to Earth?

World News  – The science fiction movie “Arrival,” which opened in theaters this month, poses tantalizing questions about how humans might make contact — and eventually communicate — with intelligent aliens. The much-hyped film has renewed people’s interest in the search for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. But what would happen if humans really did

Ghost Hunting in Haunted Acadia National Park

Ghosts & the Supernatural – One of the most haunted National Parks is Acadia National Park. Also haunted is the summer resort town of Bar Harbor which is near Acadia National Park. Tweet

What Can Hide the Earth from Aliens? The ‘Laser Cloak’

World Technology News – Are you afraid of getting an anal probe or aliens attacking the Earth? There might be protection, that is if their technology is not advanced like we see in the movies. Tweet

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