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Sysco to Increase Distribution & Presence in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Mayca is a food distribution company located in Costa Rica. Their goal for the last 15 years has been not only to listen to the customers’ needs but to satisfy them completely. They have distribution centers and an online ordering service.

sysco costa rica 1Sysco, an American company, has agreed to purchase 50% of Mayca Distribuidores S.A. and keep all the employees, including the management. This will help customers, workers and shareholders alike.

This is the first time that Sysco will have a distribution location in Central America, so, of course, this will open doors for some future opportunities in the region. Right now, Sysco is just awaiting the regulatory approval of the Costa Rican government.

What we know about Sysco is that they distribute in more than 90 countries worldwide and that they originated from Houston. It’s the fourth largest public company in Houston. They really focus on building customer relations and knowing who they serve. They look forward to learning from Mayca’s employees.

We can hope that this is a good sign that the job market in Costa Rica will be soon in full recovery mode after the extreme job loss from the exiting of Intel and Sank of America.

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