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Suspects Captured in Murder of CR’s Jairo Mora

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica’s only law enforcement agency that actually does their job has done it again……..we hope. Ever since the death of Costa Rican environmentalist Jairo Mora, there has been a continual outcry for justice for this murder.

jairo mora deathThe Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) arrested eight suspects this morning in the murder of environmentalist Jairo Mora after several raids in Limon. These raids have been in the planning process for a period of time.

The detainees are a Costa Rican Salmon Melendez, his brother and his wife, a woman Loaiza Delgado.  They also detained 2 Nicaraguans.

The suspects are being charged with murder and the women are being  charged with obstruction of justice.

The raids were conducted in eight homes involved inhabited sectors located in Pacuare, Cocos, la Magüita y Guápiles.

The good news is the arrests were made by the OIJ and not the local police.  This should give everyone out there at least a little hope that there will be a public hanging for these lost causes.

If the arrest had been made by the local police the arrested would have probably been sacrificial lambs offered to get eyes to be diverted from the real problem…….drug cartels running and controlling the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

What about the trial?

Will it bring swift justice to these criminals as they rot away in a Costa Rican prison or will the will the inept legal system in Costa Rica rear its head as the case gets tied up in the Costa Rican court system for years?

Will Jairo’s death finally get Costa Rica to address the seriousness of the drug cartels in their country?

These are all questions that remain but the first step in attaining justice for the murder of an innocent environmentalist has been accomplished. We Hope.

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