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Suspected Costa Rican Drug Trafficker Received Over 89,000 Gallons of Discounted Fuel

Costa Rica News – Gilbert Bell Fernández, also known as Coca Macho, is the owner of three boats that receive exonerated diesel.

Coca Macho costa rica 1The amount of diesel in the past two years has been 337,181 liters or a little over 89,000 gallons.

Mr. Fernández has been in prison since October 8 because he is suspected of being a gang leader and involved in drug trafficking. He is being held in a maximum security prison but his preferential diesel discount is still valid.

His boats, El Challenger, Dos Hermanos and Tormenta II, have supposedly not been involved in any crimes.

Those responsible also point out that it could have been anyone in the company that requested the exemptions, not necessarily Fernández.

The exonerated liter of diesel is sold at just ¢228 by the Costa Rican Oil Refinery. A person without this benefit would pay ¢449.

Using these prices, Fernández would have paid ¢75 million (over $139,000) more if not for this benefit.

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